Spanish Islands, Belgian Beer, and a Portable Income

Stepping out from strict—and sometimes depressing—office hours to “work” whenever I want allows me to enjoy every moment of my travels around Europe. As a copywriter and blogger, I’ve opened my laptop while sitting next to monkeys on Spain’s Rock of Gibraltar…or sipping a latte in the Belgian city of Bruges.

There probably isn’t a better start to a European trip than landing 15 minutes away from the beach on Mallorca—the Spanish island in the Mediterranean—where I took the longest siesta of my life. My days on the island were all about enjoying the warm weather and discovering coral reefs and rocky beaches, which I found perfect for meditating.

The next step was learning more about the culture of this beautiful, passionate, sunny country.

Barcelona, with its quirky, colorful architecture, has some amazing sites such as the Sagrada Familia basilica, the Casa Battló—both designed by the architect Antoni Gaudi—and Europe’s third biggest aquarium.

Gibraltar, the former British-colony, still has red telephone boxes and teddy bears with British flags popping up in souvenir shops, but the biggest attractions of Gibraltar are the barbary macaques. Yes, these little wild monkeys live freely on the rocks of Gibraltar, and although they are used to tourists trying to hang out with them and aren’t dangerous, they will definitely steal your food…or map…or bag…or camera.

From Spain, I hopped on the plane to my next destination, Bruges.

The small city is known for its unique architecture and traditional snacks, such as chocolate strawberries, caramel waffles, and fries with mayo. From the colorful, gingerbread-like houses and canals to the hand crafted beer and delicious meals, Bruges is just like the enchanted town in a fairytale.

Besides its absolutely charming narrow streets and atmosphere, Bruges also gave me a taste of the famous Roman architecture and the busy city center marketplace, which looks even more beautiful during the Christmas market.

Being able to work flexibly and manage my own time, I didn’t have to worry about my income or type non-stop for eight hours a day during my travels. But once I felt the need to grab a piece of paper and scribble down my thoughts, I was able to do it in a wonderful environment.

Traveling around Europe is the perfect getaway plan…from the rich cultural heritage to the secret local cafés and famous traditional meals, every European country has something special that makes a tourist immediately fall in love.

I escaped the busy everyday life for time in Mallorca, Barcelona, Gibraltar, and Bruges. Having a portable income made it possible.

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