Special Alert: The Best Retirement Haven in the World in 2011

We’re constantly on the lookout for those countries around the world where you can live cheaper, enjoy better weather, pay less tax, be healthier, happier… where you can start a new life, start a business, retire…

But which country is best of all?

That’s the question we answer in this month’s issue of International Living magazine with our 2011 Global Retirement Index.

Every year we take masses of facts and figures, crunch them, mull them over, and then—for that unique ingredient—we go to our far-flung team of experts and editors to get their judgment. These guys know what life is like on the ground…and they have years of experience to draw on to make their calls.

And we have this year’s winner…a champion among the world’s best places to retire. A country that scores high marks in every one of the categories we use.

“No matter where you choose to live in this country, there is no better place on earth to discover the simple abundance of health, tranquillity, adventure, and beauty,” explains expat Patricia Farmer, in this month’s issue.

For Douglas Willis and his wife Lisa, the Old-World feel and quality of the health care make our winner special. “In our experience, the health care is superior in almost every way to the U.S.,” reports Douglas in this special September issue.

“Doctors here are more accessible and hands-on, seem to really care about their patients and are very well-trained and qualified. There are a number of new medical facilities that rival anything available in the U.S.”

But the best thing about this year’s winner is the cost of living. For less than $600 a month a couple can live well here…and $1,200 a month gets you a luxurious lifestyle.

The low costs create options you just don’t have in most other places. Like two homes for the cost of one. As Dan Prescher reveals on page 16 of this month’s issue, a total of just $120,000 can buy you both a beachfront condo and a mountain home… a rich man’s retirement, indeed….

But our winner’s not your only choice.

There are a total of 23 top retirement havens in the world. There’s something to recommend each one. Some have the ideal climate, others the cheapest real estate. Our winner scores highest in cost of living, but our runner up has the best special benefits for retirees…and where is the healthiest place to live?

You can learn everything you need to know about the best retirement haven in the world…and get the ratings and rankings in every category for every other country in our 2011 Global Retirement Index… in the latest issue of International Living magazine.

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