Spend a Month in Granada, Nicaragua (All Expenses Paid)

We’re looking for someone to spend a month in one of our favorite retirement havens: Granada, Nicaragua.

Set on vast Lake Nicaragua, the 19th-largest in the world, Granada has been a showcase for Nicaraguan tourism and expat life for years. Here you’ll find narrow streets, colonial buildings, and beautiful squares.

This city is historic, but it’s not stuck in the past. It’s a thriving, bustling town with an estimated 1,000 expats living there, attracted by its beautiful setting and low cost of living.

With new cafes, restaurants, boutique hotels and art galleries opening up all over the city, Granada has been transformed over the past five years. That’s why we want to send someone (plus a spouse, partner, or friend) there—on us.

We’ll pay for the round-trip flights, accommodation and give generous living expenses. Also included is a weekend away at a luxury Pacific-coast beach resort.

You don’t need any writing experience, though you should be willing to share your impressions and experiences of Granada with fellow IL readers.

This isn’t a free vacation—it’s a way to truly experience the joys of life in Granada.

We’ve been writing about Nicaragua for nearly two decades now, but it’s a nation coming into its own today. (The New York Times lists Nicaragua among the top three places to visit in 2013… and the Wall Street Journal just ran a piece about high-end tourism coming there.)

To apply, simply post a video to YouTube (no more than three minutes in length) explaining why you would like to retire overseas—and why you would like to try a one-month test-drive in Granada, Nicaragua.

Full details and instructions on how to apply are here.

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