Spend as Much Time as You Want in Your 2 Favorite Cities

I’ve always loved to travel, so when I had to decide between the freedom of working for myself…and the stability of a full-time job, it was no contest—I quit.

Since then I get to travel more-or-less whenever I want. I’ve spent lots of time in Paris, France and am still based in one of my favorite cities: Dublin, Ireland. (Plus, I only work about 30 hours a week.)

I love Dublin, and all my closest friends remain those I met here. The economy was great when I first moved and that allowed me to have a huge variety of jobs. That meant that I met a lot of people, got to see different sides of Irish society and culture, and found a career that I love. Dublin has a certain atmosphere and a richness to it that I miss whenever I’m away. Now that the economy has changed, I simply work for clients elsewhere, including the U.S.

I’m a freelance graphic designer. If you enjoy working on a computer, then this could be the job for you, too.

I’m usually in a different time zone to my clients. Sometimes that means a late night if there’s a tight deadline.

To me this is a very small price to pay for being able to live anywhere I want. And I can easily take work on the road with me when I’m going on vacation. When I needed to go back to the U.S. for a family illness, I could do so without any interruption in my work schedule and stay for as long as I needed.

The big change to the graphic design industry was the technology surrounding PDFs. It made it suddenly possible to work from home. Before, printers had to send hard proofs back and forth and it was much better to be in the same office…and at least in the same city…as the publishing house. With PDFs you can see reliable electronic proofs. This has meant a lot more freelance work for me.

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