Start Making Money With $18 and the Internet

Imagine earning extra income in your spare time, or “on the road,” or even while you work from your kitchen table. Well, I have discovered a fun and lucrative business almost anyone can do…from just about anywhere.

The idea is to acquire products at deep discounts from more than a hundred countries around the world…and then sell the products online at profitable markups.

And I am amazed how people are leveraging this business and making money.

One man in Germany, David, is importing colored computer cables at deep discounts and reselling them on technology shopping websites at huge markups.

David completed his first “deal” with $18. He purchased and imported 15 cables for $1.20 each, then sold the cables to a local IT company in Hamburg for a handsome profit. He sold the cables for $4.95 each for a total of $74.25. The shipping cost was $7.95. His total profit was $49.

Now, $49 does not seem like much. But today, David imports and sells thousands of cables.

A young woman from Canada, Jenny, is importing Christmas supplies and reselling them to other online retail stores. She’s doing this from her “pantry office” next to her kitchen in Calgary, Alberta.

Jenny started her business with $250 she had in savings. Today she makes thousands of dollars on supplies each month. Her imports and sales triple from October through December!

Jenny expects to make $35,000 this year working part time.

The point is, almost anyone can do this and you don’t have a lot of money to get started.

I also discovered a trading exchange that enables entrepreneurs to locate reputable suppliers in other countries and order from them directly instead of going through a middleman.

I know dozens of entrepreneurs who are leveraging this neat business. You can meet them in this program I’ve developed to help get you started.

Today, starting a business on a shoestring is much easier than it was 30 years ago—or even five years ago.

There’s nothing wrong with building a big business. I’ve helped dozens of entrepreneurs and start-up ventures do it.

But when you run a business from your kitchen table, a back bedroom, or even “on the road” as your travel, you can greatly reduce the downside risk and expense.

Almost anyone can do this business. Plus, the weak economy makes this business even more viable.

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