Take As Much Vacation As You Like With This Portable Income

It was one of those days when I was at my desk early. First I checked email, then it was time for a morning meeting. Next, I had a few minutes to type up my notes, and I was off to another appointment.

Sound familiar?

An average work day, but a little different than you think.

My meeting was a Skype call with a client in Thailand, the early hour due to the difference in time zones. My desk was in my hotel room in Nassau, the Bahamas. And my next appointment was a date with my husband for a leisurely breakfast, followed by snorkeling in the crystal blue waters of Caribbean.

Not a bad day at the office, right?

Though I worked a little, I was actually on vacation in the Bahamas. You see, I’m a freelance copywriter. I’ve been working for myself from home for about three years now. And any work I do on vacation is by choice.

While not every day at work includes a dip in the ocean, they’re still pretty nice. My average work day starts with a cup of freshly brewed coffee, and a walk down the hall to my comfy office where I turn on my computer and check my email. I work until lunch and maybe a little after, and then have the afternoon to do what I want.

Sometimes I change things around and sleep in, relax in the morning, then work in the afternoon. Or I may decide to take the whole day off, just because I feel like it.

And since I’m the boss, I know she’ll approve!

Back when I had a corporate job, I got just two weeks off from work each year, including sick time. I couldn’t afford to waste it, so I only took off when necessary. Now that I’m a copywriter, I don’t have to worry about it. I can take off a day in the middle of the week, just because I want to.

This flexibility means I get to travel when I want. Vacations, like the one to the Bahamas, happen a lot more often now. I can also tag along on my husband’s business trips, like his recent journey to California wine country. I didn’t have to take any time off, either—while my husband works, I write for clients. My computer and an Internet connection allow me to work anywhere, any time.

I admit I was nervous at first to leave my secure but stifling corporate job and become a freelance copywriter. But I shouldn’t have worried. It took me about a year to replace my corporate salary as an administrative assistant, and this year I’m on track to make a lot more.

A computer and an Internet connection can allow you to work anywhere, any time, as a copywriter.

That’s the great thing about copywriting—there’s no limit to my earning potential. My salary is entirely up to me, based on the work I do. I can make enough to pay my bills and still have plenty of time off to relax. Or if I want, I can work more and make more. In fact, I know plenty of copywriters that make well over six figures each year.

One thing that surprised me was how easy it was to get started as a copywriter. No fancy college degree required—I just took a program to learn some fundamentals, and that was it. I was up and running as a freelance copywriter in just a few weeks. It was really that easy.

Now I love my job! I get to choose when I work, and who I work with. If I have an early morning meeting, it’s because I want to. And I can schedule something fun to do after.

My life is completely under my own control now. And I wouldn’t have it any other way.

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