Take Back the Retirement You Deserve

At 8.30 a.m. this morning, 560 IL readers took the first step toward the rest of their lives. “I need to find somewhere I can live a much higher lifestyle on my current budget…” one attendee at our packed-to-capacity Live & Invest Overseas Conference 2011 told me, echoing a sentiment everyone here shares. “I’m thrilled you’ve put this conference on now.”

Timing is critical when it comes to rescuing your retirement. Now more than ever, hard-working folks just like you are asking themselves: How do I do it? Do I work longer, try to save more… or do I have another option?

Our response: You have lots of options.

If you’re looking for your ideal retirement haven, you should know: We revealed 47 of them today. Dozens of beautiful places around the world where you can live a richer life on whatever retirement income you already have.

Let the “Super 80” Guide You to Retire Now

With a panel of more than 80 editors, contributors, experts, and expats already living overseas, we heard about retirement, relocation, lifestyle, real estate, investment, business opportunities, offshore structures, taxes, banking, residency, citizenship, visas, travel, adventure, education, income, and more…

We dug deep into the specific destinations you need to know about…like spectacular quiet beaches (Salinas, Coronado, La Paz, Corozal, Placencia, Las Terrenas, Piriapolis)… crisp mountain hideaways (Cuenca, Vilcabamba, Loja, Cerro Azul, Boquete)…vibrant city bargains (Betania, San Francisco, Casco Viejo)…and dozens of others…

There’s no more efficient way to jump-start your retire overseas plans and cut years off your learning curve than to have our experts share with you the lessons they learned the hard way.

Don’t worry if you’re not here in person—because we recorded everything that happened today.

This is a rare chance to get insights from the best and the brightest of the “international lifestyle” world. They’ll show you how and where to preserve—and improve—your lifestyle, your portfolio, your future. 

If money were no object, what would your dream retirement look like? As I said, today alone, we looked at 47 destinations where you can easily make that dream a reality…as long as you have an income of at least $500 a month.

I’m sorry to say that the news you get in the papers and on TV remains pretty grim, despite official talk of a “recovery.” Jobs lost, homeowners struggling, the price of food and gas is headed up, and inflation looms on the horizon.

What you don’t hear so much about are the solutions. The extraordinary opportunities that exist in havens all over the world.

I’m talking about places where you can luxuriate on a palm-lined beach… or relax in the comfort of your own flower-filled courtyard… or enjoy a cosmopolitan lifestyle in city where you can sample great cultural offerings…

Places where you can have the quality of life you’ve come to expect and appreciate—the quality of life you deserve—for a small fraction of what it would cost you at home.

That’s what we’re focused on at this live event. If you know where to look, you can make your dreams a reality for pennies on the dollar. And, at the same time, you can protect your portfolio and position yourself for gains… all outside the U.S.

So while your neighbors tighten their belts and reign in their retirement dreams…you can live with less stress, more freedom, and all the comforts you’ve always imagined.

That’s what many expats did—one of many we heard from today.

How I Retired at 49…and How You Can, Too

He had Depression-era parents who taught him to “work as long as you can and save as much as you can.” But by his 40s, he was hoping there was another way. He wanted to retire… but in running the numbers, he figured there was no way he could do it for at least another decade. Not the regular way, at least.

So he started thinking “outside the box.” And at 49, he was retired.

Many of his peers in the company where he worked had more money in their retirement accounts. Yet as they settled in for another decade of work, he called it quits so he could call his own shots, relax, travel, and enjoy life. That was 10 years ago. And today he lives a far more luxurious retirement than any of his former colleagues.

He settled first in Cuenca, Ecuador, a University town with meandering rivers, historic quarters, friendly locals, plenty of expats, and a low cost of living.

And, he said, this is a place a couple can live not just comfortably, but well—for just $1,500 a month. And that means you could do as he did…and actually retire ahead of schedule. He showed us some numbers to make his point…

I don’t have the space here to go into the exact details, but if you already have a few hundred thousand (around $300k) built up in investments or in a pension account (like an IRA or 401(k)), you could quit work now and use some of the techniques He discussed in his presentation to access $1,500 a month… and live well in Cuenca.

Can’t swing $1,500 a month? No problem.

Shangri-la for $500 a Month

John Curran and his partner, Sue, retired to another Ecuadorian Shangri-La when John was 44. They shared their story as an example of when to stop dreaming and start doing. If you can’t afford the life you want, then move somewhere you can afford it, John suggests, and maybe that life will turn out better than you could have dreamed.

John and Sue bought a house in Vilcabamba with 1.5 acres and 600 feet of riverfront along the Vilcabamba River, where it’s 60F – 75F all year. They like the way the government stays out of people’s business. And they live happily on $500 a month, including Internet, cell phone, health care…the works.

You could see how when John explained that the gas they use for heating and cooking costs $1.25 a month.

Ecuador is a gardener’s paradise. The growing season is year-round and there’s fertile land. On their 1.5 acres, John and Sue grow coffee, mangoes, bananas, oranges, and dozens of other exotic fruits—I wasn’t able to keep up with the photos and the list as John went through them all.

When Sue took a tumble off a horse one time, she suffered a collapsed lung and some broken ribs. The private care she received from the English-speaking doctors in Loja included everything—the emergency room visit, x-rays, private room, surgeries, ambulance, medicines.

The total bill came to $800.

The attendee sitting beside me, a lovely woman from Georgia, leaned over at this point and confided in a whisper that she had a similar program of care at her local hospital in the States…but the bill was closer to $8,000.

John got a big shock when his property tax rocketed 500% with a new assessment. He now has to pay an incredible $62.60 per year. (Yes, his old property tax was just $10.40 a year.)

Spectacular Properties for Less Than $50,000

I mentioned photos—that’s a big part of helping attendees here “get it.” The photos we’ve been shown are spectacular. My favorites are the views from properties that cost less than $50,000—in the mountains, cities, and coast.

Of course, you can see these photos, too. You can buy all the recordings from this conference, and they come complete with each presenter’s full slideshow, photos and all.

The stories we’re hearing from presenters here could easily be your story, too. You don’t have to move to Cuenca or Vilcabamba…or even Ecuador… to cheat the retirement thieves and live rich before you turn 60.

We heard similar stories and strategies today for Panama, Mexico, Belize, the Dominican Republic, Costa Rica, and more.

An Important—and Valuable Note—About Taxes

We also heard from Nick Hodges. Nick is a CPA/PFS, MBA, and CFP. That just means that when he tells you something about paying less tax, you better listen very closely. He’s helped Americans abroad mitigate their taxes for over 20 years.

We need more guys like Nick in the world. They help balance out the 800 new senior agents hired by the IRS last year to chase down taxes from, among others, American expats.

If saving on tax is a battlefield, then Nick is your master armorer. Here’s just some of what he shared:

  • You may know about how you can earn $91,500 tax-free when you live abroad. But what you may not know is that it’s possible to do this—even if you don’t live abroad full-time.
  • When you file a tax return from overseas, you can do it in one of two ways. Both are 100% legal. But only one way lets you keep three times as much money.
  • Before you go overseas, there’s one simple thing you should do that will eliminate state taxes while you live abroad.

Look, it’s no secret that the IRS wants your money. And they’re certainly not going to knock on your door to tell you about all the tax-saving strategies you might be entitled to. So, when you get a chance to listen to a guy like Nick, take it. Everything he discussed today was recorded in full.

But the 2011 Live and Invest Overseas Conference Package doesn’t just include the recordings of all 46 presentations and workshops that will take place over three days in Las Vegas.

You also get –

  • Copies of all the slideshows and hand outs…
  • A copy of our Special Dream Retirement Report: Six Top Destinations for 2011 Where You Can Invest for Profit and Enjoy Life for Less…
  • And a $100 voucher toward any of our future conferences—anywhere, any time. There is no expiration date on this voucher!

We created Six Top Destinations for 2011 Where You Can Invest for Profit and Enjoy Life for Less specifically to deliver actionable details and real examples that support the affordable lifestyle alternatives that this conference package presents. It’s up-to-date and packed with no-nonsense information.

Remember, the 2011 Live and Invest Overseas Conference Package includes everything revealed at this year’s event, not just the presentations I briefly touch on in this dispatch.

Today we also learned about –

  • The world’s best real estate deals…
  • The best expat town for single women…
  • The Caribbean beach favored by celebrities…where land costs 50% less than in the rest of the Caribbean…
  • Where to go if you’ve lost your job and most of your retirement savings… but still want a beach house…
  • The best mountain highland community—where homes start at $80,000…
  • And much, much more!

Plus, we learned about how to get financing in Belize…and the many advantages open to U.S. “retirees” who are over 46-years-old and settle in that sunny Caribbean country…

How to make money on currencies while most people (vacationers, global companies, etc.) are losing money on the same transactions…and much, much more!

Whether you’re in the market for a full-time escape… a retirement haven for the future… or simply a prudent place to invest in these uncertain times… the 2011 Live and Invest Overseas Conference Package shows you the best-value destinations in the world today.

Twelve months from now, you could be living your dream. That’s what we’ve designed this program to help you do—turn your dream retirement into reality quickly, efficiently, and enjoyably.

Pick up your Conference Package right here. It costs just $249. But if you order before we have the recordings and other materials compiled and ready to go—due to happen very soon—you’ll pay only $149.


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