Take Charge of Your Future…Earn before You Go

When a strike shut down the National Hockey League back in 2004, Minnesota Wild fan Georgia Pergakis booked a trip to Sweden to watch one of her favorite players play with a Swedish team.

It turned out to be the most eventful trip of her life.

To the surprise and delight of her friends, Georgia returned to Minneapolis and announced she had met her soul mate. After a long-distance courtship (thanks to Skype), she and Per-Erik Makitalo were married in Las Vegas three years later.

When she relocated to Sweden, Georgia took along more than her worldly goods. She had also been building up an income stream from portable work that she could easily take with her and continue to use.

Take note…because this is something you could start doing right now, as part of your own plan to move overseas.

Once Georgia was settled in her new home she resumed her freelance writing—and her jewelry and mosaic businesses.

She was about to discover that self-employment had some unexpected rewards. Finding a job in her new homeland proved to be extremely difficult for an expat so having these other income streams in place was a godsend.

“The average time to find any sort of job here is about three years,” she says,” and even then it is part-time or contract work. It takes years to gain enough knowledge to work in a professional office.”

Although there are countless reasons for choosing to work for yourself, being able to move about with your income has to be one of the most appealing. Knowing that you can provide for yourself—no matter where in the world you choose to live—is a marvelous safety net.

Other rewards include being in charge of your own time…doing something you really enjoy…and working as much or as little as you want, depending on how you want to live.

There’s the challenge of setting financial goals that are meaningful, but the rewards don’t stop there. As artist John Pompeo says, “Starting my own business is the greatest thing I’ve ever done for myself. I feel at peace with myself for the first time since I was a kid. It’s amazing.”

Best of all, self-employment gives you options.

While Georgia is building her business in Sweden, she could have done it just as easily in Bali or Bulgaria. The important thing is that she started developing these income streams before she moved. She invested in her success by attending conferences and seminars that gave her tools she could put to work in growing and expanding her income.

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