Take Charge of Your Time and Have More Fun

There are numerous reasons for wanting to be self-employed. Money is only one of them. For more and more of us, a big motivation is being in charge of our own time. It may sound like a radical notion at first.

In the early days of becoming a gypsy teacher, I found myself headed off to cities I’d never visited before. It was incredibly exciting. I’d often arrive a day before I was scheduled to teach and spend time exploring museums and other local attractions.

Then I’d teach the seminars that I loved, meeting interesting people who attended and getting paid to do so. No job I ever had produced so much pleasure.

Standing in airport lines, I often encountered people who weren’t nearly so excited about traveling. Most of these unhappy folks were corporate road warriors, being sent off to yet another boring meeting. They were piling up frequent flyer miles, but they weren’t having nearly as much fun as I was. While I was building my dream, they were following orders.

It really comes down to choosing what to do versus being told what to do.

In the old way of thinking work was viewed as a means to an end. We trade our time for money which can be used to purchase a bit of pleasure.

Look at the exodus out of any city on a Friday afternoon and it appears that for many people the weekend means a great escape, a contrast to the monotony of their work week.

There’s no more popular way to squander your life than to spend week after week waiting for it to be over.

The new entrepreneurial thinking rejects this notion flat out.

“Self-managers of our own assets—that’s what more and more of us are becoming,” says author and organizational expert Charles Handy.

And since time is one of our most valuable assets, we become thoughtful about how we spend and invest it.

Look at how expats who have set up their own profit centers are having more fun. They love the freedom of setting their own hours and they enjoy their time off.

No matter what business you decide to start, I’m guessing your plans won’t include working nine to five, for five days a week.

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