Tap into Your Skills to Create Overseas Income

When we took our lunch break during a seminar I was teaching recently, our group walked a few blocks to the student union. Nicole Relyea, the youngest member of our group, turned around to face me, but kept walking—backwards. “I’m thinking about being a tour guide,” she said. “I gave campus tours when I was in college and I enjoyed it. I can walk backwards for two hours.”

I laughed but realized immediately that she had identified a useful skill if one was an aspiring tour guide.

Guiding tours can be a great overseas income source, whether you do it full-time or on the side. You get to know your area and start showing other people around. Soon you develop a reputation…and the money starts flowing in.

In a recent issue of Incomes Abroad, we heard how photographer Amelia McGoldrick moved to Argentina and, to make enough money to support herself, began giving tours.

Amelia didn’t just do regular tours—she gave photography tours. She used her photography skills to create tours with a difference and you would be amazed at how her business has grown.

Right now, we’re talking to expats who are guiding food tours in Madrid…coffee tours in Colombia…gardening tours in Ireland…and creativity tours in Paris. And you can find out how they’re making handy profits while indulging their love for travel in the next issue of Incomes Abroad. This is just one of those overseas income opportunities that require little or no experience or investment. You can set up a very simple operation and take it from there. And it could release you from the office cubicle sooner than you think.

You could be living in an idyllic place…working just a few hours a day…and living well in a low-cost environment.

So what skills are you sitting on that could be put to profitable use in another country?

Doors mysteriously begin to open when we value our knowledge and are willing to share what we know.

And knowing that you can generate money any time, any place, is an enormous asset.

You’ll find opportunities everywhere. And we will help bring them to you. Each month, in Incomes Abroad we have the work-from-anywhere ideas…the opportunities in our favorite countries…and the real life stories of folks who are already living this dream life.

Once you begin to see for yourself how many possibilities exist, you will know beyond all doubt that you can find money-making opportunities no matter where you are. If you’re willing to do the work to profit from them, you’re on your way to becoming an intrepid traveler with a well-fed, well-funded (and grateful) travel bug.

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