A Taste for Travel Photography

On a lazy weekend afternoon when I was 13, I thumbed through my school geography text book, pausing from time to time to admire the amazing photographs of some of the wonders of the world. I was inspired. So began my dream fantasy to visit these wonderful places myself.

Today that’s exactly what I do.

I recall a picture of an Egyptian obelisk that has since led me to visit an unfinished obelisk in an ancient Egyptian stone quarry. The horizontal structure had been partially hewn out of solid stone until the craftsmen determined that there was a flaw in the stone causing them to abandon the work. I remembered my geography book but was not prepared for the huge scale of the actual work, something that did not come across in the photograph.

As I traveled more, my interest in travel photography grew. My photography skills developed on exotic trips to places like Greece, Turkey, Bali, Thailand, India, United Arab Emirates, Vietnam, and China as well as many other spectacular locations. My love for photography fueled my travel bug and my desire for travel fueled my photography interests.

I am also an active volunteer photographer for the Canadian Red Cross and the Make-A-Wish foundation. Through my work with them I get to give back, and I’m exposed to people and situations that can lead to income generating photographic projects. In the future, I will be focusing on expanding my work to other Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) that will send me on international projects. While this won’t produce any direct income, it will provide expense coverage while on assignment. A passion for travel photography can evolve into other things.

Today I sell images that I captured all over the world through several micro-stock agencies. They give me a small commission when one of my images sells. While this does not produce enough income to fuel my travel habit, I have found a few other things that can help with the expenses. For instance, I often get reduced rates at hotels by requesting a media rate, as I am also a travel blogger. I will schedule dental work and eye glass replacements around my travel. Getting dental scaling and cleaning at home will cost around $400 while the same thing in Panama will only cost $40 and the work is done by the dentist, not a dental hygienist. Eye glasses are also less than 50% of what they are at home. It doesn’t take much to save enough money to buy flights to my next destination.

Next month, I am heading to Panama, where I own property and love to go to escape the brutally cold Canadian winters. I will spend a couple of months gathering images that, with the help of a good publisher, I hope will become a coffee table book.

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