The Best Value Caribbean Island Condo On My Beat

It feels too perfect to be real. Blindingly bright white sand. Shallow flat turquoise waters teeming with brightly colored fish. Palm trees dotted along the soft sands.

This is a Caribbean island that will surprise you when you see how far your dollars stretch. I’m talking about values like $129,000 for a luxury condo. This is somewhere that’s easy to get to. You can leave much of the US or Canada and get here in time for lunch on these white sands.

The $129,000 condo I’m talking about is just 45 minutes from the country’s major international airport.

It’s located in a luxury early-in gated community. Plans here call for a self-contained mini-town. Residents will be able to go to school, get medical treatment, enjoy their leisure activities (like golf and tennis), dock their boat, get dressed up for fine dining, dress down for cocktails and a snack on the beach and buy groceries…right on their doorstep.

The first private beach club is open—many more are planned—and is set on the white sands. Calm waters sparkle in the tropical sun. The breezes are warm but refreshing.

A gentle stroll from here is the best value Caribbean island resort condo on my beat. As a member of Real Estate Trend Alert , $129,000 could buy you a piece of this dream Caribbean lifestyle. With every modern convenience you could imagine thrown in.

As I said plans call for an amenity-rich community. A top-class golf course will weave its way towards flat Caribbean waters. The nine-hole par three-course is open for play and clearing work has begun for the 18 championship holes.

The jetset are already starting to come. A world-famous tennis star has a new home on the beachfront. It sits next door to a lot that lists for $1.7 million.

A five-minute drive from this lot—along cobblestoned roads lined with blooming flowers—you’ll find the condo that could be yours for $129,000.

I expect it will be snapped up fast. In a matter of weeks in fact. (That’s exactly what happened back March when members of Real Estate Trend Alert had a similar opportunity in another building here.)

Finishes will be first-rate. With clever layout it feels spacious even at 660 square feet. But the living is outside. By the pool. On the beach. In the community parks and grilling areas.

Plans call for a marina a short walk from the condo. There’s an all-inclusive hotel a 10-minute stroll along the beach, too. It’s there if you want it. And you have full access. But, it feels like a million miles from here

This is a strong, early-in opportunity if you are looking to be part of a 1,500-acre private Caribbean beach community. Somewhere friends will gather over cold drinks in the beachfront clubs or overlooking one of the bright green fairways of the golf course.

Cobblestoned streets of generous proportions, tidily curbed, are already in place. They’re dotted with modern sculptures that peer from the thick flowering hedgerows.

A spec home has been built. A grand imposing hardwood door gives the feel of a giant’s home. Inside, the vaulted ceiling of the foyer and living area flows seamlessly to the private pool.

There is already a room shortage at the resort for six months of the year. Demand for overflow space is growing. This is the type of community where you could expect your beach condo to be a nice little earner when you aren’t using it.

Despite the quality of the infrastructure and the promised amenities you can buy into this jet set lifestyle without a jet setter’s bank balance.

A perfect escape from the winters up north. And, with a convenient location like this and “no brainer” pricing you can have it all.

You can immediately access my report on this opportunity here.

Editor’s Note: Ronan McMahon is a director of Pathfinder (International Living’s preferred real estate advertiser).