The Big Income That Goes Even Further in Ecuador

The smell of fresh paint is just one sign things are changing in our Cuenca apartment these days…

There’s new furniture. New towels, linens, and dishware. From top to bottom, this place is in the middle of getting a post-wedding makeover as I settle into the married life.

I’m super excited about our “fresh start” here in Ecuador—and not just because I like getting new things. I also like getting great quality for less…

In Cuenca, it’s possible. If we were settling into a new apartment in the U.S., a big rehab-and-makeover could easily run several thousand dollars just for one room. But in Ecuador, I’ll be spending less than $5,000 to re-do my office…upgrade the furnishings for the bedroom, living room, and spare room…and have the whole three-bedroom, two-bathroom apartment professionally painted.

I’ll pay for it all with copywriting, of course. By adding a single sales letter and a couple of supporting emails to my schedule this next month, I’ll easily foot the bill for everything I want done.

Even better? Thanks to the flexible schedule of a copywriter, I’ll be able to hit all my deadlines while immersing myself in the whole home-makeover process…

It’s something I used to dream about over the years I lived in the States. I had some great apartments, but there was always something I wished I could change…new bathroom fixtures…different window treatments…fresh carpets.

I’d sit down with design magazines or blow hours on Pinterest getting ideas. But whenever I’d price out the cost of bringing my home décor fantasies to life, it would be clear that my limited 9-to-5 paycheck wasn’t going to cover it. Nor was I able to take multiple days off work to do any big projects myself.

That’s changed since I became a copywriter and moved overseas. I make more money as a writer than I did in my “real” jobs back home…have more free time to plan new projects…and can appreciate that, abroad, re-decorating is more affordable than ever.

It’s a perk I wasn’t thinking of when I decided to become an international copywriter—but it’s definitely a part of the writing life that I love. Plus, once this “fresh start” project is done, I’ve got a few more things I’d like to try here in the house…and thanks to the income from my copy career, there’s nothing holding me back now!


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