The Costa Rica Solution

Andy and Fran Brown had a predicament. It was 2008, and both had suddenly found themselves out of work. The couple had a nest egg but after doing their sums, they discovered that their funds would only last nine years… if they stayed in the U.S.

That was where Costa Rica came in.

Costa Rica may truly have it all: year-round tropical climate, modern cities, Caribbean beaches, Pacific coastline, rain forests, lush valleys, and mountains.

With its slower pace of living, warm, welcoming climate, healthy, fresh foods and reputation as one of the “greenest” countries in the world with little pollution and lots of clean water and fresh air… it’s no wonder Costa Ricans are considered the “happiest people on the planet”.

Andy and Fran had first visited Costa Rica 12 years ago…and instantly fell in love with the place.

They often joked, over the years that followed, that they would one day give up life in the U.S. and move to the country that had so captivated them. They never imagined it was something they could really do… until they took the plunge and tried it.

The couple were recent guests on IL Radio…and they talked about discovering a country where health care, accommodation and the cost of living are just a fraction of what they would be in the U.S. You can pick up a link to the show below.

Andy and Fran will also be at the Live and Invest in Costa Rica Conference next month. (There are still discounted seats available—reservations are coming in fast, so not sure exactly how many…but definitely less than 50.) Join us and this time next year—you could be living your dream life in Costa Rica, too.

To hear how Andy and Fran “made it” in Costa Rica (and get their rental tips), listen to this Podcast.


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