The Easiest Way to Plan a Trip to Ecuador

Just this month, I took an editorial trip to Ecuador to scout out what opportunities it offers to you today.

I’m happy to report that it still has everything that you could look for in retirement and more—beautiful, temperate weather in the highlands and hotter weather toward the coast; warm, friendly people (expats and locals alike); great quality health care at very reasonable prices; and a cost of living that is hard to beat.

But though I travel quite a bit…both for International Living and for my own personal enjoyment…when I told friends and family that I would be traveling alone to a country about the size of Wyoming in Latin America, some were concerned.

“How will you get around?” a few asked.

“Will you be safe?” others wanted to know.

“Where will you go if you need any medical care?”

They needn’t have worried. Because, as I assured them, I had access to the best Ecuador help around—in the form of a team of experts who could help me with my every need.

When I was planning my trip, I wasn’t sure what was the best way to get from the highlands to the coast. Was it better to fly or were there taxi services that could take me to where I needed to be? Could I take a bus and, if so, where would I find a reputable bus service? More importantly, how much would all of it cost?

Thankfully, I was able to turn to Suzan Haskins, who first moved to Ecuador in 2001. She was able to answer all of my questions and direct me to safe, affordable, and convenient travel options.

And when I wanted to see Cuenca, I got in touch with our correspondent there, Edd Staton. He was able to advise me on everything Cuenca-related: what to see and where to eat, where to stay, what I could expect to pay for goods and services, and how to find expats to spend some time with.

I’m not the only one he’s helped. Two of the expats he put me in touch with told me how Edd had helped them to find a place. Time was of the essence—they already had a container of furniture en route to Cuenca when they asked him! Still, he was able to deliver.

I wanted to see real estate when I was there, too, so I enlisted the help of an expert in real estate. She was able to point me to reputable and fully vetted real estate agents to show me where to find the best and most affordable properties to rent or own.

No doubt, these are great connections to have. But I’m not the only one who gets to take advantage of their wealth of experience. You could, too.

That real estate expert, Suzan, and Edd are just three of the people you could speak to directly as part of the Ecuador Insider, a veritable “who’s who” of Ecuador experts. Every day, they answer all sorts of questions for members of that well-connected group.

And they’ll be on hand to answer all your questions. In recent weeks, they’ve helped members with issues like how to acquire visas, how to move to Ecuador with pets, what items to take to Ecuador and what ones to leave behind…and more. Whatever your question or issue, they can help. Need to talk to a tax or legal expert? You’ll find those in the Ecuador Insider too.

This is an Ecuador resource unlike any other that we offer…and if you’re thinking of making the move there, you’ll find it indispensable. Get more details here.

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