The Easy Way to Sack Your Boss

If you can write a simple email to a friend—and you like to share ideas with other people—you have all the qualifications you need to make a good income, live wherever you want in the world, and be your own boss.

Age…experience…location…none of that matters.

I’m talking about freelance copywriting. People often think they need a lot of qualifications to become a copywriter. But, the truth is, you don’t need a special education to succeed in this industry. There are successful copywriters who didn’t finish high school.

Simply put, copywriters write words for companies to send out to customers. You’ve probably received flyers and sales letters through your mailbox…or read promotional emails and blogs on your computer…maybe you’ve seen descriptions of cars, furniture, sports gear, or health supplements.

It was a copywriter who put the words together.

Some copywriters are only 18 and some are retired. Some copywriters are stay-at-home moms and some left six-figure corporate jobs. The only thing you need is a computer and an internet connection.

And remember, if your writing can persuade people to take action, you can become a very wealthy writer.

Experienced writers—those with just a few successful projects under their belt—can charge between $5,000 and $10,000 (and more) per sales promotion.

Even if you only write one promotion per month, you could easily bring in $60,000+ (working just part-time)! And that doesn’t even take into consideration any royalties that are common with direct-response copywriting…

Typical royalty rates are around 2% to 3% of sales, but I’ve seen them go as high as 10%. And because companies will mail your letters again and again, you could continue to get paid on one single letter for years and years.

It’s a passive income that allows you to truly relax and enjoy yourself…

On the beach in Panama…in the mountains of Ecuador…the countryside of Provence…on an island off Bali…wherever your heart takes you, this income can get you there.

You see the writing of copywriters every day.

You might think you need to be the next Stephen King or J. K. Rowling to make a living as a writer, but…

Nothing could be further from the truth!

Regular folks, like you and me, are making enough money to replace their full-time income, quit their day jobs, and live anywhere in the world they choose to be.

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