The Money-Making Secret of the Millionaires

Certainly you know that the bikinis you’ll see on the beach this summer—along with the sand buckets, shovels, beach rafts, towels and tank tops—cost customers anywhere from $5 to $50 a-piece.
Yet they came from China for less than the price of a loaf of bread.
Rob has called me in to talk to you about a simple strategy for funding your move overseas. At its core, here’s what it involves: Finding products online that sell well, getting them manufactured in China for a tenth of the price of what they sell for…and pocketing the difference.

Many years ago, a family in Arkansas figured out how to buy items at a low price abroad. Then they sold them here in the U.S. at half the price of their competitors. Today, they own one of the most powerful and influential corporations in the world and are worth nearly $90 billion. They are the Waltons… the founders of Wal-Mart.

Yet, unlike Wal-Mart, you don’t need fancy stores. You can start on a much smaller scale importing products in your spare time. Then you can sell them at deep discounts and profit from the difference.

Plus, right now is the best time to get started. It’s never been easier.

I’ve been in love with this opportunity since I first wrote about it last year. I’ve even used it myself to import Android tablets, mp3 players, umbrellas, necklaces, cell phone accessories and more. It’s also where I’ll do the bulk of my Christmas shopping this year.
I can’t imagine this opportunity is going to be a secret for long…

So let’s move onto what you might start with. Here are a few items I saw on sale this week to get you started with ideas…

Bathing suits
Wireless cell phone chargers
Travel gear
Golf balls
Essential oils
iPad cases

The list goes on. It’s an exciting concept… make sure you get in before the rest of the world discovers it.

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