The Most Lucrative Way to Live Off Your Laptop

You’re already well on your way to a portable, lucrative income…even if you don’t realize it yet!

But every time you convince a friend to join you at the restaurant you like…get your choice when you head to the movies…or talk someone out of the house on a lazy Saturday…you’re practicing the one skill that makes it possible for you to make a comfortable income anywhere you want.

I’m talking about the power to persuade others—the very foundation of the career known as copywriting.

In fact, if your writing can persuade people to take action—that’s when you know you can be a very wealthy writer.

Some of the best writers I know make well over six figures a year…working perhaps 20 hours a week.

And that’s true even if you don’t think of yourself as a writer now.

Because everything a copywriter does, you can learn…no matter where you are now or what you do for a living.

Paul Hollingshead, for example, worked stocking groceries at a Publix…Carline Anglade-Cole was a customer service rep…Brian Clark was a lawyer…and before I had the freedom to live abroad and set my own schedule, I did corporate HR at Bank of America.

But you’ll never get me back in that job now…not a chance!

You see, after a year of working as a copywriter in the States, I picked my whole career up and moved to Ecuador.

Because I wanted to…and, more importantly, because I could.

It was blissful…and nearly four years later, it continues to be so.

Of course, it’s not just the lifestyle. It’s also the money.

With copywriting, I make as much money as I did working at Bank of America’s corporate headquarters…without putting up with any of the drudgery of the corporate life. I love it!

In fact, the only thing I love more than my new career is recruiting other people to join me in what’s known as “the writer’s life”…no boss, no schedule, no rules—just freedom and plenty of income.

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