The Perfect Cafe au Lait in Costa Rica?

Cigarette smoke and the rich aroma of coffee drifts out from the wooden roadside cafe.  My coffee is prepared and served like the French serve cafe au lait. The surroundings look like the Swiss alps as the fog rolls in. Rich and full bodied, my coffee is one of the finest I’ve had in Central America.

Hard to believe that finding a decent cup of coffee would be difficult in a coffee country like Costa Rica. I wash my cafe au lait down with a local delicacy: A nougat biscuit.

This place is unlike anywhere I’ve been: This is Arenal. Costa Rica’s Lake district.

The peace and tranquility is broken only by the lion-deep roar of the howler monkeys. This is a place for hiking, horseback-riding, bird-watching, swimming, fishing (mainly for rainbow bass) and boating.

With temperatures in the high seventies almost year-round the weather is perfect for an active lifestyle…and perfectly suited to keep the rich pasture land and forest a bright and dark green all year.

The sharply pointed cone of Arenal Volcano reaches 5,300 feet. It’s active—producing a fiery red and orange display most evenings. Hot springs bubble, sizzle and steam from deep within the earth’s crust.

Boutique resorts offer a comfortable, restful and natural environment to bath in and soak up these hot nutrient rich springs—a perfect way to unwind at the end of a long day spent exploring or relaxing.

The hot springs in La Fortuna are a major attraction. The thermal water has reputed healing powers, and the volcanic mud is great for deep cleansing. There are a number of hotels that offer a variety of treatments…or you can simply soak up the energy of the hot springs.

If you were expecting real estate prices on a par with Switzerland or Lake Tahoe…think again.

At the Live and Invest Costa Rica Seminar this August you will hear about volcano- and lake-view lots with a $25,000-price tag. You’d be close to town and have direct access to Arenal’s biggest amenity: The Lake.

If you’re budget goes up to $59,000 you can buy a refurbished Tico (local) home. You won’t be in a gated community, but you will be surrounded by smiling generous locals.

This place is special. I hope you get the opportunity to visit.

Editor’s note: Find out more about IL’s upcoming Live and Invest in Costa Rica Seminar here.


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