The Perfect Day in Belize

All is quiet in the condo where we’re staying on the paradise island of Ambergris Caye, Belize. I’m up early. The world hasn’t yet come to life.

When my five children wake up we share a breakfast of fresh mangoes and pineapple with black beans and rice seasoned with coconut oil. We wash it down with some cold coconut water. Locals call it pipa and it’s cheap and plentiful on a palm-fringed island like this one.

After breakfast, it’s time for the pool where we laugh and splash and play until lunchtime. The island of Ambergris is small enough that we can walk most places. Others ride bikes or drive golf carts across the sand or down the cobblestone roads that separate the brightly-painted Caribbean-style buildings.

A lady from El Salvador is in her usual spot at her street-side cart. She’s preparing her national dish, pupusas—a tortilla stuffed with chicken, beans and cheese. We buy eight—enough to feed our whole family—for $10. All the kids fall silent as they tuck into their delicious snacks…and the world just drifts past.

Ambergris Caye is a great place to people watch. The island has a unique and fascinating blend of peoples and languages…English, Spanish and Creole.

Next up is a stroll on the beach, with some important stop-offs to build sandcastles and climb coconut trees for their sweet fruit. A few strokes of a machete and they’re open…and we can gorge on one of our favorite island treats.

Some afternoons are spent wading into the shallow, warm water, searching for stingrays or bright orange starfish. Other evenings we might fish off one of many docks, or just sit on the shore and watch the sailboats glide by on the nearly waveless surface.

By six o’clock we are back home and while the kids play, bathe and head off to bed, I click on my laptop and write about what we got up to that day. I include some photos we snapped, like this one of me enjoying the cool water…

But here’s the really incredible part…

Writing about my travels in this way isn’t just for fun—it’s now responsible for half of my family’s entire income…and that includes lavish trips all over the world. Soon, we expect it to make up 100%. When it does, we will be traveling full-time, long-term.

Visiting with friends by the pool as the stars begin to shine through the big black blanket covering the sky, I reflect on how incredible life can be…and how grateful I am to be living my dream.

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