The Real Fantasy Island

Our plane touched down smoothly just before midnight, beneath a low-slung Caribbean moon. Our smiling young driver, Carlos, tucked us safely into the shuttle van and we sped south into the night, past bustling nightclubs and random food shacks thronged with people, motorbikes parked alongside.

Turning east at the water’s edge, the glow of the moon threw golden sprinkles across the water and for an instant the silhouette of a fisherman appeared on a rocky promontory, gracefully casting in the moonlight. What was he angling for, I wondered?

Just as quickly, we left him behind, speeding off into the darkness past a perfect line of palm trees outlined against the sparkling water. We had our own fish to catch…

We’re all angling for something on this Fantasy Island. And here, dreams really do come true.

For instance, imagine your dream home. Blue skies and turquoise ocean waters… swaying palm trees…. a hammock on the terrace… an infinity pool… Let’s introduce a pool boy, a maid, a gardener, maybe even a cook into this fantasy.

What if I could show you how (and where) to buy your dream home on an island like this one, with palm-tree rimmed. white-sand beaches washed clean by clear, warm Caribbean waters… or on a lush jungle cliff-top with a mega-mile view of the blue Pacific stretching out before you…

Now what if that dream home cost you just $80,000? (About the same as a used luxury sedan back home.)

And better yet, what if you could make this dream come true with a down payment that amounts to little more than pocket change? Or what if there is no down payment required at all? And easy terms thereafter…. payments of less than $1,000, on a property that will, say the experts, quickly rise in value.

What if you can use this property to make a healthy income until you’re ready to retire and move into your dream life?

Enough now with the “what ifs”… It’s time to make your dreams come true.

I’m Suzan Haskins and I’m here in one of the most beautiful and desirable spots in the Caribbean for an exclusively private gathering of a select group of International Living members.

Today was the first day of our closed-door summit—we’re only somewhat jokingly referring to our secret meeting place as the “Magic Kingdom.” And that’s not just because this seaside retreat is one of the most extraordinary spots in the Caribbean (named both “Leading Spa Resort” and “World’s Leading Golf Resort”) and we’re feeling absolutely pampered. But because there is surely magic happening here…

A host of real estate experts have gathered to share ideas, tips, and secrets. And some have come to offer outstanding deals and prices on properties in settings just like this one—overlooking some of the most gorgeous beaches and vistas in the world. In fact, nearly every real estate play we’re learning about is within 25 degrees north or south of the equator….so you are guaranteed to never have to scoop snow again.

As one speaker—a transplant from Canada to Mexico—said, “It’s no longer fun when you’re digging your car out of the snow…in May.”

If you agree with that, keep reading. Because if you couldn’t be with us here on Fantasy Island this week, this is the next-best thing…

You Can Get Your Own “Home in the Sun” for Pennies on the Dollar

At this special-admission-only meeting in the Caribbean, we’re learning about dozens of places where the time to buy is now—like specific pockets of the Caribbean and Latin America. And we’re analyzing the places worth watching in Europe and Asia.

For instance, on the southern coast of one of Asia’s most overlooked countries, says expert real estate analyst Ronan McMahon (who put this program together), you can look out over white-sand beaches to an island-dotted horizon. Tourists haven’t come to this beach town yet in great numbers, so $80,000 buys you a nice condo of more than 1,000 square feet in size. And there’s added appeal in the “appreciation potential” and “value for money” categories.

Here are just a few of the specific hot, discounted sunshine deals that we learned about today: (And that you, too, can act on—I’ll explain how in a minute.)

  • Stop dreaming about the southern Pacific Coast of Costa Rica (where vastly discounted lots in the country’s largest residential development with the highest building standards are selling for just $40,000.) Via the inside line at this meeting, you can make your dreams come true and have a home here now—lot and top- quality construction included —for just $150,000.
  • In Belize, the developer of a waterfront community is offering—to those at this meeting only—an incredible financing program of zero down payment and zero          interest on lots from 5,000 square feet to a quarter-acre in size. Prices on these— just steps to the water—start at just $44,000. Imagine…
  •  And fantasize no longer about your new life in Ecuador. On its prettiest stretch of  coastline (I’ve visited this one and can attest for its stunning appeal), you can buy             a lot with an amazing view for just $29,000. (“Our promise,” says the charming young man whose family is behind this project, “is that from wherever you are,           you can see the ocean, hear the ocean, and feel the breeze.”) Ocean-view condos   at this project start at $80,000, by the way—and they’re being snapped up        quickly.
  • On the other side of South America, in dazzling, sparkling Brazil, insiders at this meeting today are getting a 10% discount at an amazingly luxurious waterfront            condo project. There’s also a 0% financing option here. And you’ll be able to rent  your condo and make some healthy income during the upcoming World Cup             soccer tournament that will be held here in 2014.
  •  Dream of living in the Caribbean? Near Tulum, along Mexico’s safe and gorgeous Riviera Maya coast, you can get 7% off list prices in the hottest Caribbean resort project and pay only 40% of the cost while construction progresses.

And there were many, many more opportunities discussed just today (and we have another day to look forward to tomorrow). A beach condo discounted by 25% (or $100,000!) in one of the Dominican Republic’s hottest beach resort towns… an apartment in one of South America’s most cosmopolitan cities for less than $80,000 and where you can potentially make 7% to 8% off rental income each year, topped off by capital appreciation… deep discounts on distressed properties in Ireland and Spain…

And by the way, even though there are real estate specialists here from around the world, this is not just a real estate expo. Far from it. We’re digging deep into the upsides and the risks…we’re getting inside the investing brains of experts like Ronan McMahon and Margaret Summerfield who, over the past decade, have spent more time on the road scouting the world’s best real estate and investment opportunities than they have at home.

Attorneys are on hand from Costa Rica, Ecuador, Mexico, Panama, Uruguay, Brazil, the Dominican Republic, and more to help us understand the ins and outs of doing business in those countries…

Tax expert Nick Hodges is here to discuss how to structure our investments to reduce our tax exposure yet not upset Uncle Sam. My brain may be overtaxed, but I’m pretty sure my portfolio won’t be now that I’ve listened in on today’s discussions.

Your Special Invitation to This Private Meeting…

 We’re sorry you weren’t able to be here in the room with us at this special closed-door meeting. But here’s the next best thing…

We brought our audio video specialist along with us to the meeting. He’s taken painstaking care to record every presentation and every workshop. (Each afternoon, we’re breaking into smaller, more intimate groups to discuss more of the fine details of the deals and opportunities being presented here.)

I’m pretty sure that once you watch these video recordings you’ll realize what those of us in the room today have—all the impediments have been lifted. The deals are out there. It’s never been easier or more affordable to own your dream home in a sunnier, more welcoming climate.

I’m talking no money down, interest-free financing, and low prices in some of the world’s most desirable locations. If you can’t find a bargain here, then I’m guessing you’d prefer an igloo in the Arctic Circle. (And you won’t find anyone in this room there….)

What you will find are dozens of world-class properties that will make your tropical dreams come true….and may even make you a good deal of money.

Here’s how to get the inside line…

Your Own Home in the Sun

Reserve Your Own Home in the Sun Kittoday and you’ll take a “front row” seat for this exclusive meeting. You will see and hear the analysis, the secrets, and all the deals being revealed here on Fantasy Island. And you can take advantage of all the deals and act on these opportunities just as those in the room today are doing.

And when you order now, you’ll save a whopping $170 off the price we’ll eventually charge for this kit. Instead of paying $299, it’ll only cost you $129.

We’ll offer this low price until we have these fresh-from-the-editing-suite video recordings ready to deliver to you. At that point… we must charge the full price of $299.

I’ll send the information about how to access Your Own Home in the Sun Kit as soon as we’re finished making copies of the video recordings, the handouts, the PowerPoint presentations, etc.

There’s no other way you can find this private meeting information on your own, let alone at this low price. Even so, we’re offering you a money-back guarantee:

If You Don’t Find The Information in This Kit to Be of Value, You Pay Nothing.

As I said, dozens of experts have come from around the globe to cover every possible aspect of investing in a second home around the world. After you’ve heard their closed-door briefings, there’ll be nothing to stop you from acting on the information they share.

Because if you like the idea of a retreat you could enjoy a few weeks or months a year… a retreat with all the earmarks of a “Retirement Retreat” but which could, while you enjoy it, be producing an income and increasing in value—then you’re going to want to hear what went on at this private meeting.

You’ll have plenty of time to review the information…the video recordings and Powerpoint presentations, the hand outs and speaker bios… and if you don’t agree that you received valuable and actionable information, we’ll return every penny you paid.

This is truly a risk-free opportunity for you.

We think you could do very well… If you act on even one of the closed-door opportunities you learn about when you review Your Own Home in the Sun Kit materials, the savings could be worth many times more than the price of the video recordings package.

We’re so sure you’ll be pleased with the Your Own Home in the Sun Kit that if you aren’t—for any reason…

Contact us at any time in the next 30 days—and tell us the information didn’t help you. (Or don’t tell us anything. Just ask for your money back.) We’ll give you back your $129.

A home overseas can give you a real asset to hold in a market well-positioned for gains. Plus income that could well defray your cost of ownership and, at the same time, give you an escape in the sun you can enjoy.

Don’t wait and miss out on the savings.

P.S. Remember, you get $170 off the regular price of Your Own Home in the Sun Kitthat includes all the handouts, video and Powerpoint presentations (containing information on the current real estate deals) from this closed-door meeting.

But this special offer is only available until we’re ready to deliver the video recordings—after that the price goes up.

Don’t wait. Because if you do, you’ll pay more. Reserve Your Own Home in the Sun Kit now.



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