The Round-the-World Trip Paid for by Photos

Simon was born in Gloucestershire, England and started his nomadic life early. He was educated between two schools—one in the UK’s Cotswold’s region and the other in California.

Unfortunately, Simon’s future was put on hold in 1999 when he was involved in a serious motorcycle accident. He was told by his doctors that he’d always walk with a limp and would likely never run again—he proved them wrong when he completed a half marathon.

While still rehabbing his injury, Simon started his own telecoms business. The company was a success but the daily 9-5 grind was getting him down.

His accident made Simon realize how precarious life was and he wasn’t about to waste his second chance. Photography and motorbikes were his passion but how to make a living doing what he loved?

Then, after dinner one night, Simon and his wife Lisa decided to take on a massive fund-raising expedition—they would ride around the world raising money for charity and taking photographs and documenting their story online as they went.

In 2002, they sold their house and all of their possessions—and bought two BMW motorbikes.

Nine years later they are still traveling with only Indonesia and Australia to cross before they complete their journey. When they eventually finish they will have four world records to their credit, one of them being the oldest couple to circumnavigate the globe on motorbikes.

By the time their journey ends they will have been traveling continuously for 12 years.

The pair’s love of photography has helped them finance their adventure. Simon’s photography and journals have been published in North America, South East Asia, South Africa and in the U.K. It also won him a major sponsorship deal with camera manufacturer Nikon.

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