The Secret to Fun and Profits in Costa Rica

After working in the U.S. for more than two decades, I love the freedom I now enjoy from making an income in one of the most beautiful parts of Costa Rica.

I wake each morning, excited to see what the day will bring. That first cup of coffee on the patio—watching whatever may be in the jungle—is awesome. Monkeys and their antics…perhaps an exotic bird I’ve never seen before…a new bloom on an exotic plant…all these things give me great pleasure.

My “retirement” isn’t exactly how I envisioned. In truth, I haven’t really retired at all. My daughter, Hollee, and I opened a small hotel looking over the beach in the unspoiled Southern Zone.

I’ve become an entrepreneur with a new business that perfectly suits my lifestyle. I moved to Costa Rica last year. Right now, we have 165 bookings for the year ahead. With a few shortcuts we’ve figured out, I have more time to enjoy my guests and fewer challenges to make the business work.

I love the buzz of watching this enterprise succeed. But the real thrill is meeting people from all over the world. Each evening we sit around with a bottle of wine on the patio—or ranchero as they call it in Costa Rica—and I help them plan their adventure. I never really considered myself a “people” person before…but when people come here, even though they may have booked for a night or two, many times they end up staying for two weeks if there’s room.

I’m 69 and learning a new business. Every day brings a new experience. No matter how tired I might have been the night before…I always wake up eager to face the day.

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