The Secret to Instant Upgrades, Hotel Gifts, and More

I love to travel…but the experiences I have tend to be a little different from the usual vacation. That’s because these days, I get special treatment wherever I go.

It all started when I lived in Prague. I spent five years living in the romantic, elegant capital of the Czech Republic. During that time, I went to international film festivals…summer music festivals…cooking classes…food, wine and beer tasting events—all for free.

How? I simply write about my travel experiences. This immediately elevates my status from average paying guest, to a V.I.P. that people want to impress.

The perks didn’t stop with Prague.

When I traveled outside of the city to other destinations around Europe, I found that I could get special treatment anywhere I went. Even the journeys became more comfortable—I was upgraded to first class when I flew.

Take my Spain trip.

When I booked a room at a new hotel in Barcelona, I mentioned that I was a travel writer and immediately, I was given a massive discount. No questions asked.

I tried the same thing when I booked a room by phone for a trip I was planning to Greece. Once I casually mentioned that I was a travel writer, the owner told me he would see what he could do. Once I arrived, the owner gave me a free three-hour tour of her organic farm and offered me a big, expensive-looking basket of lovely products from the farm. Exquisite olive oil…olive oil soap…fresh eggs…a jar of honey…and a big bunch of dried herbs.

I even reap these rewards in the U.S. Due to my travel writer status I am given V.I.P. treatment wherever I go.

And what rewards did I reap? An entire day of wine tasting for free at five different wineries in Sonoma Valley, California and a free night’s stay a lavish little hotel just steps away from the beach. My room had a fireplace and Jacuzzi, and it was stocked generously with delicious complimentary gifts from local businesses.

Even when I’m not traveling, I’m still getting lots of free goodies. Thanks to my status  as a travel writer, I get emails all the time practically throwing free travel books and travel accessories at me.

I get the red carpet treatment wherever I go now. It’s a life of luxury and opulence most people will only dream of. That’s a real shame—because it’s right there for the taking.

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