The Secrets of Panama City’s Neighborhoods

“You may think Panama City is just another megalopolis of steel and concrete. But don’t be so quick to judge. Yes, it’s bustling. And yes, it’s booming, but take a street-level survey, and you’ll find distinct neighborhoods, each with their own character and charm,” writes IL Panama Editor, Jessica Ramesch, in this month’s issue of International Living magazine.

There are elegant and historic colonials…exclusive gated communities…ocean-view residences…and “local” neighborhoods offering property bargains you won’t believe. In the area once known as the Canal Zone, some of the streets evoke the best of small town USA, with neat homes and lawns and even the occasional picket fence.

You can take advantage of the Metropolitan Natural Park, a vast green space right in the city proper. Or watch yachts and cruise ships as you stroll along a palm-studded walk bordering the Canal.

In the March issue of IL magazine Jessica reveals her favorite Panama City neighborhoods—the ones worth your attention.

If you’re dreaming of an airy, spacious condo with big picture windows and a balcony over the sea you’ll find them here in Bella Vista. Or if you prefer the lush, green rainforest, try out the Clayton neighborhood in Ancon where Jessica used to live.

And if you’re interested in going to see Panama for yourself, check out our upcoming Live and Invest in Panama Seminar this April 13 – 16.

One group of contented expats who are already in Panama, taking the time to explore the country, is the Roussel family.

Denis and Susan Roussel took their two young children, Jonah and Elijah, from Canada to the Pacific-beach community of Gorgona, near Coronado, Panama, to try out life in a tropical climate for a year.

Four months in and their adventure is more than they could have wished for. The locals in Gorgona are friendly and welcoming. “And we’ve been able to spend more time as a family together,” says Susan. “We can have fun and not worry it’s costing a fortune.”

Even with the tuition fee for the kids school…and $1,200 a month in rent for an ocean-view condo that is literally on the beach (the Roussels can step into the sand from the building’s pool area)…the Roussels are saving a lot of money. Denis says they are spending 50% less than what they were back home.

And that’s not all Panama offers expats. What is arguably the best retiree-incentive program on the planet, the country’s Pensionado program, gives you a First-World lifestyle at Third-World prices when you qualify. You can save on almost everything, with discounts like 50% off entertainment, 30% off public transport, big discounts on airfares and even 25% off eating out.

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