The Smartest Choice of All Was to Move to Ecuador

“No matter what kind of lifestyle you’re looking for, you can find it here in Ecuador,” I told about 350 people today.

It may be a small country, but the variety it has to offer is huge… From palm-lined beaches… to tranquil living in small mountain villages… to modern cosmopolitan living in sophisticated cities like Quito and Cuenca, both of which have historic centers that are UNESCO World Heritage sites.

In Ecuador, you have lots of choices in the way you design your life.

But is it safe? What about the politics? The health care? Are the people really as nice as you’ve read? Or the quality of life as good? Or the cost of living as low?

That depends pretty much on you.

My experience doesn’t matter. Only yours does.

If you listen to other expats—anywhere in the world—you’ll hear about good experiences and bad ones. Ecuador is no different.

All I can say is that my experience here has been overwhelmingly positive. I truly love my life here. And so does John Curran, it appears…

“The Ecuadorians are polite and peaceful people. They enjoy a simple, laidback way of life,” he said. “A 20-ounce beer is just 75 cents a bottle. And our tax bill is $57.50.”

By the way, he said, it’s nice to live in a place where “annoying creatures like the Kardashians are not news.”

John and his partner, Sue, live in Vilcabamba in southern Ecuador—also known as the Valley of Longevity. It’s such a healthy, stress-free place that residents commonly live to be 100 or more… so you gotta figure it’s a very good thing that living there costs so little!

John and Sue, who are right around 50 and have been retired for more than five years now, have a very long life ahead of them.

That’s why they’re in Ecuador, John says. “We’re not wealthy. We were teachers.” And while education has its rewards, he says, “money isn’t one of them.”

Being teachers, John and Sue knew that if they did their homework and made smart choices, they could retire and live the kind of lives they really wanted to live.

The smartest choice of all was to move to Ecuador.

In Ecuador, the weather is so perfect you don’t need heat or air conditioning (except on the very hottest days)—which means low, low utility costs. And property taxes are pocket change.

Food costs for John and Sue are practically nil seeing as they eat fresh-off-the-vine produce from their garden and sweet, juicy fruit from the dozens of fruit trees—banana, papaya, plantain, lime, lemon, orange, mandarin, and more—that grow on their small property on the edge of town. Occasionally they go out for a beer. (A frosty cold and delicious 22-ounce Pilsener is just 75 cents in stores… or $1.25 in most small local mom-and-pop restaurants where you’ll commonly pay just $2 to $4 for a delicious homemade meal.)

But things in Ecuador haven’t been all peaches and cream for John and Sue. After a nasty fall from a horse that necessitated quick local care, Sue was whisked by ambulance to a hospital an hour away, where she spent three nights in a private hospital room with a CAT scan, X-rays, lab tests and so on.

Still, her total bill—for all that—was less than $800. Not bad.

And of course, I could go on and on with stories about life in Ecuador. And I did that today, with gusto…

I’m Suzan Haskins and I’m writing to you from Quito, Ecuador, where the International Living 2013 Fast-Track Ecuador: Lifestyle and Opportunity Conference has just begun. I’m back in my room after the first day’s general session and a get-acquainted cocktail party where the conversation was flowing as freely as the wine and beer.

Everyone I spoke with wanted to know four things: is it really as inexpensive to live in Ecuador as we say it is? Is the health care really world-class? Are North Americans welcomed here? Does the government here stay out of your business?

Yes, yes, yes and YES! Those are the answers as we learned today.

Conference emcee and International Living editor (and my husband) Dan Prescher personally attests to the quality health care available in Ecuador. About 18 months ago he suffered a serious detachment of the retina of his right eye. Within a day of seeing an English-speaking ophthalmologist (trained at UCLA) he underwent a vitrectomy performed by a truly world-class board-certified surgeon, just back from presenting his research at a major medical conference in Orlando.

(And believe me, when it comes to something as critical as your eyes, you will not settle for anything but top quality.)

And the cost? Dan figures here in Quito he paid about one-fourth what this surgery would have cost in the States. Follow-up appointments with the doctor have all been free, by the way.

What About Real Estate Costs?

In today’s general session we learned that Ecuador has some very low-priced real estate.

I can tell you, however, that although prices are low, they are slowly but steadily increasing here. And that’s for a couple of reasons: the economy is strong and growing, and yes, in certain markets, gringos are paying too much. The big reason for price increases, though, is that Ecuadorians who have been living overseas are now returning home in big numbers, seeing as the cost of living here is so low.

It’s so reasonable to live affordably in Ecuador that you really can have it all. Expats Ron and Terresa Moore (who suffered a retirement nest egg meltdown in 2008) are neighbors of ours here in Ecuador.

They’re now the happy owners of two spacious condos…one in a peaceful Andean village and the other smack dab on the beach in the Pacific-coast beach town of Crucita. And for both of these they paid less than $114,000—that’s TOTAL!

(Full disclosure, they say they’d probably spend closer to $135,000 for those same two properties today.)

Want to Hear it All?
Here’s How You Can Learn Firsthand What We’re Learning About Ecuador.

This is an energetic, information-packed conference. And it’s only just begun. There are still two full days ahead of expert speakers, expat insights, and invaluable information.

This afternoon, Ecuador attorney Dr. Roberto Moreno took the stage to explain the requirements to obtain legal residency in Ecuador. There have been quite a few changes lately so it was important to get these updated details.

You can qualify for a standard retirement visa, he said, on as little as $800/month income.

He also shared a little-used strategy that may be the least-costly yet easiest way to obtain a residency visa. And it doesn’t require a property investment, a bank deposit, or anything else that requires big bucks. Outstandingly valuable information that I doubt you’ll find anywhere on websites or internet forums.

By the way, did you know that you can get an Ecuadorian passport with as little as three years of residency?

So much notable (and new) information about Ecuador was shared today. And of course we want to share it all with you.

So take note: here’s how to get every bit of the important information from the International Living 2013 Fast-Track Ecuador Conference… taking place now in the country that’s earned the #1 spot on International Living’s Global Retirement Index for five years in a row.

The Next Best Thing to Being Here, and No Risk to You

You can have all the most important information and benefits from this event …

All of the things we’re learning here… how to find the very best place to live in this country, depending on your specific interests and budget needs… where to find the best real estate deals… how much to pay, how to ensure that your property is properly deeded and your purchase is secure… how to qualify for the Ecuadorian health care system… the best residency visas for your particular situation… what to do about your ongoing tax obligations back home… how to quickly and easily earn a living here…

And yes, you can still collect your Social Security benefits if you move to Ecuador. You can have them, as well as any other pension checks your receive, automatically deposited into your Ecuador bank account.

BUT…there are only three banks (out of many) in the country where you can do this—so it’s important that you know which those are.

Here’s how to get your hands on every minute (minus coffee breaks and cocktail parties, of course) of information shared at this conference.

We’re putting together a complete package of nearly everything that’s happening at this International Living Fast-Track Ecuador Seminar. We’re making audio recordings of all 34 of the presentations.

We’re also making copies of the conference workbook, PowerPoint and visual presentations. And you get the complete pack we gave to each attendee when they showed up here in Quito. Everything but a cerveza Pilsener and a quimbolito. (And if we could figure out how to send you those taste treats, we would!)

We call it our 2013 Fast-Track Ecuador Package. And we guarantee it will help you fast track your plans of moving to…or investing in… Ecuador, our #1 retirement destination in the world.

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As I mentioned earlier, we guarantee that the information in our 2013 Fast-Track Ecuador Package will help you make your Ecuador dreams come true…whatever they are. If you don’t agree, we’ll return every penny you paid.

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