The Strongest, Safest Asset You’ve Probably Never Heard Of…

While Swiss banking often gets the spotlight (for reasons both bad and good), its other financial institutions and insurance companies offer a broad range of services that, in some cases, approach the flexibility of a bank account.

In the entire history of Swiss insurers, no life insurance company ever has failed to meet its obligations or been forced to close its doors. Not even Swiss bankers can boast the same accomplishment.

A Swiss fixed annuity actually is both a savings plan and a pension fund all wrapped up in one policy.

One of the primary benefits of Swiss-issued annuity contracts is that you get a very high level of asset protection against claims of future creditors.

This is particularly important in this age of constant litigation, bankruptcy, divorce and crime, where it has become increasingly difficult to preserve your hard-earned wealth.

In 2002 (the last year statistics are available), there were over 16 million civil lawsuits filed in the U.S. with over $40 billion in awards. No doubt those numbers have increased.

In 2010 there were nearly four divorces for every one thousand of the U.S. population.

With odds like that, your chances are high that someone will go after you in a court of law. If they do, even if you are innocent of their claims, you have no guarantee that the potential lawsuit verdict will favor you. It is simply impossible to know how a jury or judge will rule.

To truly protect your assets from any seizures resulting from such claims, you must place them in a legal holding structure that is fully protected by law. That is the guarantee Swiss law affords for the fixed annuity.

The degree of asset protection Swiss insurance affords you is unparalleled anywhere else in the world. It holds that simply owning Swiss life insurance or an annuity, absent other evidence of business activity within the country, is not a sufficient basis for a Swiss court to honor a foreign legal judgment against you or your assets.

In particular, Swiss law offers significant asset protection for life insurance products, including annuities. They are not subject to collection remedies directed against you and the policies are not deemed to be a part of your bankrupt estate.

This means that if a U.S. or other foreign court authorizes the attachment or levy against a Swiss policy, whether in bankruptcy or otherwise, a Swiss court will not issue an order directing the assignment of the policy to the creditor or the bankruptcy trustee.

Because Swiss insurance companies are not subject to the jurisdiction of a U.S. court, without an order from a Swiss court, creditors cannot reach the annuities. And Swiss courts repeatedly and strictly uphold these protective rules.

Swiss law also offers special added protection for annuities naming spouses and children as beneficiaries. Recognized by the Swiss Federal Office for Private Insurance Matters, these protections apply to all life insurance policies, including annuities and those linked to mutual funds and derivatives.

Finally, Swiss insurance laws provide investors with unique privacy features that are unavailable in other offshore investments. Ultimately, Swiss fixed annuities guarantee you unmatched asset protection and present you with flexible estate planning options.

I tell you more about the advantages of Switzerland as an offshore haven in my book, Where to Stash Your Cash Legally, and about the other top havens worldwide where you can protect your wealth, grow your income and cut down on your tax bill—easily, legally and securely.

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