The Top-Dollar Income That Anyone Can Earn

Living overseas…traveling at will to any destination you choose…with an income that follows you wherever you go…it isn’t a dream when you become a freelance copywriter.

How lucrative is this? You can easily earn $2,500 to $8,000 a month…perhaps even more if you want to work full-time at it.

But most people prefer to keep flexible, part-time hours. And even a reduced schedule like that brings them more than enough income to support themselves from anywhere in the world—even pricey capital cities like Paris, Tokyo, or London.

You can create emails worth $200 to $300 each…blog posts that sell for $50 to $500 a piece…short reports for $1,500 to $2,500…even longer sales letters that can easily command fees of $3,000 to $8,000 (or more).

Who pays these fees? Businesses of all shapes and sizes who want to build stronger connections to their customers. These companies need a constant flow of newsletter articles, online content, special emails, and sales pieces to keep in touch with current and prospective buyers.

And since they prefer to focus on the day-to-day operations of their business, they turn to outside writers to help them.

I’ve worked with copywriters for the last 17 years.

Back when I started, we were very focused on print media. But, thanks to the rise of the internet, most of the work is 100% online. You meet clients online, communicate about projects online, deliver the finished pieces via email, and even accept payments via online banking platforms.

Which means you can take this work and go anywhere with a working internet connection.

John Forde, for example, packed up and moved to Paris. Mac Bull chose to build his career in Japan. Starr Daubenmire used it as her springboard to fulfilling a lifelong dream of studying art in Italy. And Olive Wolfe…well, to be honest, I never know quite where she is…this week it’s the Caribbean, and next week it’s Europe.

I’ve had writers I work with send me assignments from the beach in Ecuador…Nicaraguan jungles…Mexico City…and downtown Seoul…

As long as you meet your deadlines, there’s not a client in the world who cares if you work from Buenos Aires, Bermuda, or Boston.

They’ll pay you professional fees no matter where you call home…and since learning the basic skills you need to get started as a copywriter can be done in as little as 10 weeks—even if you’ve never done any kind of writing before—there’s no reason for you to spend one more year in a place you don’t love.

Why not try it now? Just like John, Mac, Starr, and Olive, you could have copywriting checks coming to you, wherever you choose to be. And there’s a whole world out there waiting…

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