There’s No Such Thing as a Dream Job? Try This…

Most people have to work for a living. And only a fortunate few get out of bed each day excited to go to the office. It’s sad how many Americans are unhappy with their job.

In fact, I used to be one of them.

Every Monday through Friday I felt like I lived on a conveyor belt. My alarm went off at 6.00 a.m., I got to work by 7.30 a.m., grabbed a cup of coffee, and I spent the day at my desk cranking out company business until 5.00 p.m. Repeat again the next day… and the next week… and the next year.

Then everything changed in one day. Thanks to America’s Great Recession, I was called into HR and terminated. Immediately. “Stop what you’re doing and pack your things,” I was told. And I did.

I left my office for the last time in a daze. I had worked on autopilot for so long I didn’t know what I was going to do. And living in a county with record unemployment and home foreclosures meant the prospects weren’t good.

Finding another job proved to be just as difficult as I feared. Not only was my work history pretty specialized, I was almost 60 years old. No one wanted to talk to me.

So after a few months of resume rejections, I came across a writing program. But this was writing I wasn’t familiar with. It was called copywriting…and it would completely transform my life.

I dove in and read everything I could about it. I took a couple of home study courses to learn how to write marketing copy. Because that’s what it is. Copy that presents a message about a product, a business or even a person. It can be on a website, it can be a printed brochure or it can be an advertisement you get in the mail.

Even if you haven’t heard the term “copywriting” before, I bet you’re still familiar with what it is. That’s because it’s everywhere. Which is great news because the demand for good copywriters is high. Every advert you see…every piece of direct mail you get…every product description in every catalog…it’s all written by copywriters—and they get paid handsomely for it.

Soon I was writing copy for several companies online…and getting paid well. Because it’s a copywriter’s job to increase sales for a company, businesses are willing to pay a good rate for that skill.

Novice copywriters can make $20,000 to $50,000 annually depending on how much time they work. These guys charge between $35 and $150 an hour with the average being around $83.

But it doesn’t stop there. Experienced copywriters with a good track record of creating sales with promotional letters can earn six-figure incomes.

But the biggest surprise of all? I wasn’t on the “conveyor belt” anymore.

With copywriting, I work from home. I set my own hours. For me that means no alarm clock. Ever. And no commute.


Well, unless I decide to work from somewhere else. At first I was just thrilled to be working outside of my office. I would go to the bookstore, get a fancy coffee and tap away on my laptop. But then I realized something.

This wasn’t just something I could do from anywhere in the neighborhood…I could it from anywhere in the world.

I’m in Italy right now. For three months. Working some, but also living a lifelong dream. I’ve done artwork all my life and I always wanted to go to Italy and paint. Well, here I am. And it’s thanks to my new portable income.

I could never have enjoyed this lifestyle in my old corporate job. A week’s vacation in Italy would have been over in a flash. And I sure wouldn’t have gotten much artwork done.

But now I have my favorite boss—me. The flexibility of being a freelance copywriter means you get to set up your life how you want. If you need more family time, just arrange it. If you want to devote yourself to charity work or something that’s important to you, you can. And if you want to go to Italy and paint for three months – take your work with you and go.

I don’t know about you, but I call that a dream job.

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