These Caribbean Condos Could Earn You Thousands of Dollars a Year…

The Tulum area, at the southern edge of Mexico‘s Riviera Maya, has the finest, white-sand beaches on my beat. Turquoise waters lap on soft sand while breezes rustle through palm trees. This is a great place to spend time—a place I like to vacation. It’s jet-set chic here.

It’s for those reasons—and many more besides—that I’ve identified a new condo development here as having the strongest income potential on my beat. That’s saying something. I look at real estate all over the world constantly to find members of my Real Estate Trend Alert group early-in opportunities. But these new loft condos near Tulum, out of any on my radar at the moment, are the ones I believe could earn you the most money.

A short stroll from this condo development, you’ll find a condo hotel. The weekly rate for the 400 plus suites here, 602-square-foot in area, is $1,800…or more (on an all-inclusive basis). Bar the odd cancellation, they’re full not just throughout the peak season, but year-round. In fact, if they had another 200 rooms they could probably fill those, too.

That’s why the opportunity to buy one of these loft condos could be such a good deal for you—your loft could pick up the overflow from the condo hotel. But there’s an added benefit—renters of your loft have more space and a kitchen. Although this area has excellent restaurants, the type of repeat renters that you’ll get will sometimes want to eat at home.

Also, these lofts are lower density, set in a tranquil green spot in a pleasant corner near a golf course. The condo hotel does a killer job at getting people here for the first time, but when they come back again—I believe they’ll want to stay at these lofts.

You don’t just have the luxury condo hotel doing the heavy lifting to get people down here though. The lofts I’m talking to you about are part of an exclusive but very popular resort (these guys keep their 3,000 rooms full).

Look beyond the resort and you’ll find plenty more help to fill your rental. The government programs will work in your favor—like the plans for the Riviera Maya to increase tourism numbers from 4 million to 11 million by 2025.

Space is limited. The Riviera Maya can’t sprawl farther south. It sits beside the 2 million protected acres of the Sian Ka’an biosphere reserve. That means there are constraints on future supply.

Here, the rental season is the entire year. It’s peak season now but folks still come from different places at different times of the year.

Now is the time that North Americans and northern Europeans want to come. (If you’ve been snow bound in recent weeks I don’t need to explain to you why white-sand beaches and turquoise water are attractive this time of year). The summer is popular for European families. Wealthy Mexicans flock here during their holidays…and of course Easter and Carnival are huge draws for visitors from across the Latin world (including the fast-growing, upper-middle classes of Brazil and Colombia).

All of that adds up to a very attractive prospect. When you join my Real Estate Trend Alert, you can buy a loft for much cheaper than other buyers. Thanks to special pre-release pricing that I’ve negotiated for RETA members, you could buy for just $141,500. (Non-RETA members will pay $154,500.) And, thanks to a finance deal I’ve negotiated, you could pay just $550 a month for your loft, after a small down payment.

But rental prices are high here—and your loft will be in strong demand.

In addition, I expect values of these lofts will increase strongly from launch prices, too.

Members of RETA have done well from buying in Tulum pre-release. For example, suites at the nearby condo hotel, where RETA members could also buy previously, have risen from members-only pricing of $127,900, and now list for $265,000—an increase of 107%.

I expect the appreciation in values will follow a similar track with these lofts—maybe even more so.

I consider this to be such a strong opportunity that I’ve already locked down one of these lofts. I reserved it recently—after RETA members had first pick of course. I may reserve a second unit.

But be warned: The best units are being snapped up fast. If you’d like to find out more about owning one of these lofts—with the special pricing outlined above—watch this special presentation now.


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