They Pay Well for This Overseas (You Already Know How to Do It)

You may be sitting on a goldmine—and not even know it.

When you move overseas, your innate skills and experience become a big asset.

In the U.S. it’s easy to take this for granted. But transport yourself to another country and it’s a completely different story.

It’s not necessarily about having specialist training or qualifications. Sometimes it’s simply a matter of thinking outside the box. Identify what you’re good at…and how you can put that to work, creating an income for yourself in the process.

Take something as simple as cooking. You know how to make burgers…corn beef hash…cupcakes…cheesecake…apple pie…the great All-American foods everyone knows and loves.

But in other countries, American food can be a novelty…and there’s a high and growing demand for it.

Just think…you know how to do something that others will pay for.

Hugh Gillis spotted a gap in the market for bagels when he moved to Ecuador. He opened his first shop in Quito almost 20 years ago.

You see, Hugh saw a trend. He figured something that was catching on in America, was likely to gain a following in Ecuador—and he was right. Now, he has a second outlet, and plans to expand further.

More recently, Rich Westcott spotted a bagel opportunity in Ecuador, too. When he moved to Cuenca, he couldn’t find his beloved breakfast bagel. So he began to make his own. And then others wanted to buy bagels from him. Now he has a market stall, as well as supplying two local restaurants and a number of individual customers.

Grace Cummings took her recipe for New York cheesecake to Costa Rica where she and husband Michael now have a restaurant…and supply a local supermarket chain with the cheesecake.

Cat Beurnier has a thriving cupcake business in Paris. She began baking them in her own kitchen…then had to move to a production kitchen…and now has her own retail outlet in the city.

The beauty about the food business is that you can start out slowly…testing the market as you go.

But one thing is for sure…you already have skills that can earn a living overseas. It’s simply a matter of spotting a niche in the market and filling it.

This week, we’ll bring you stories from Americans overseas who are making an income by bringing “new” ideas to their adopted homelands…that would be run-of-the-mill back home. Study them, and think about how you can follow their lead.

And in the current issue of Incomes Abroad, you’ll find more stories about people who are making a living overseas doing something they didn’t even think of as a saleable skill.

Incomes Abroad will inspire you with tales of those who are already making their dream lives overseas pay. We show you exactly how they did it. And with editors and writers around the world, we can guide you to the untapped markets, best destinations and the brightest ideas for creating your overseas income.

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