“This ‘Break’ Made Me Thousands of Dollars”

As I watched my fiancé fall off his surfboard for the hundredth time, my pancakes arrived.

Warm and fluffy, they were so big the edges drooped over the sides of my plate. But my server was very sad and apologetic.

There was no maple syrup left…anywhere in town.

I’d just have to make do with the mango spread—made in-house from local, naturally-harvested fruits.

Well, what can I say? Some days, life’s just tough all over…especially when you’re “trapped” in a rustic beachfront town in Peru.

Whenever my fiancé, Ben, and I go to Mancora, we stuff ourselves silly on fresh-caught tuna sashimi and tangy shrimp ceviche.

We spend our nights wandering the beachfront, ducking up to the main road for real pisco sours whenever we get thirsty.

Mornings find me at yoga class in a thatched pavilion just back from the shoreline. While Ben sleeps late, I bond with my fellow beach lovers in downward dog, warrior, and pigeon poses.

Later, we cruise into Papa Mo’s Green Eggs & Ham…a whimsical, Dr. Seuss-themed place that promises real American-style breakfasts served all day long.

Then, while Ben goes off to surf lessons, I fire up my laptop and connect to the Wi-Fi right there on the café patio.

You see, I’m not actually honeymooning or vacationing, even though I am definitely relaxing. We come to Peru whenever we need to update our Ecuadorian visas…and I usually need to do a few hours’ work while we’re there.

So while Ben tries (and mostly fails) to master surfing, I’ll work on emails, web copy, or sales letters for my clients. I’m a copywriter, with clients all over the world.

This particular trip, I worked on a series of emails promoting a gardening book for a company based in Illinois. We’d worked together for several months on different projects, and I was excited about this new campaign.

I knew that the writing I was doing had the potential to turn this simple offer into a real blockbuster for my client. And if it did well, not only would I get the upfront fee I’d asked for, but I’d also have the chance of some hefty royalties.

Sitting in the shade at the café had me in just the right mood to finish the job quickly. By the time Ben finished his surf lesson, I was done and ready for more adventure.

So I sent the files off, shut my computer, and we split another round of those mango-covered pancakes. The day ended beautifully. And later, I discovered the copy I wrote in Peru was one of my best performing pieces that season.

Those few hours writing at the beach were worth thousands. Plus, since that gardening book was a top seller, they’ll be advertising it again this spring using the same copy. That means another check for me.

Royalty payments are one of my favorite parts of the copywriting life. Each one pushes me that much closer to my six-figure goal—a goal I’m hoping to hit with the projects I’ve already lined up for this year.

Now all I need is the right environment for some inspired writing…can’t wait for the next “working” trip we take to Mancora!

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