This Crisis is Changing the World…Here’s How You Profit

Recently, I told you how you can save money by buying a dream home overseas for under $99,000.

Today, I’m going to focus on the other side of the equation and show you how you can use this crisis moment to make money.

A common saying in real estate investing is that you “make your money buying.” This means that by buying well and being smart, you lock in gains from the get-go.

We can do this in any number of ways. But typically, we find places where property is undervalued or where something is set to happen that will drive prices higher—be it a Path of Progress event (new infrastructure development, for example) or the emergence of a new middle class with more disposable income.

In a crisis moment like we’re seeing right now, we lock in gains by negotiating discounts with trusted developers looking for a quick cash injection or finding motivated sellers willing to sell their property for a fraction of its true value.

But you can also combine these strategies. And that’s how you really supercharge your profits and lock in “double your money” gains.

That’s what I do for every deal I bring to members of Real Estate Trend Alert. I find a destination with high potential to benefit from a Path of Progress or macro trend and then I find the discount—the developer who can drop their prices for a chance to sell to our group…or the motivated homeowner, desperate to make a quick sale…

In a crisis on the scale that we’re seeing now, the potential of this strategy gets kicked up a notch…

We not only get a crisis buying moment, we also get the chance to buy in at the ground floor of the “new normal” that’s taking shape.

I’m calling this crisis the “The Great Accelerator,” because many of the trends we’re following and investing in will take a huge leap forward when the dust of this crisis settles.

The remote working trend is one of these.

Long before Covid-19, the world of work was changing. Young digital nomads were embracing remote work and the freedom to live anywhere. But now, because of this crisis, remote working has transformed from a novelty to the norm.

Millions of people of all ages are now trying remote working for the first time…and when this crisis is over, many of them won’t want to go back to the office. Twitter, Facebook, and countless other companies have said that employees can work from home “forever.”

This means that millions of people are no longer tethered to an office or to cookie-cutter suburbs. Many of them will use this opportunity to live the life they dreamed of…in a destination with a glut of lifestyle benefits. A place like Medellín…Panama…or the Riviera Maya.

Places where we can now lock down real estate with deep crisis discounts…

For instance, in a recent RETA-only deal in Tulum on Mexico’s Riviera Maya, we could lock down spacious homes for just $149,000—homes I figure will be worth $225,000 shortly after delivery.

As the global shutdown took effect, I used the crisis to wangle an extra benefit from the developer of a free pool for everyone who got in on the deal. I reckon on rental yields of 13% once the community is established, and it’s a community that’s perfect for longer-term renters. The kind of place where a remote worker would come for part of the year to spend a few months close to the beautiful white-sand beaches of the Riviera Maya.

When people wake up to the fact that their monthly rental checks for their one-bed flat in San Francisco could get them a two-bed condo on the Riviera Maya close to the beach and leave them with spending money, they are getting on a plane…even if they have to stand in line to have their temperature taken.

In the right destinations, the rebound from this crisis will be swift…

In 2019, Cancún saw 25.4 million passenger arrivals. Many of them vacationed throughout the Riviera Maya. That all came to a grinding halt in March, but resorts and beaches now have the green light to reopen…hotels are booking up at reduced capacity…and in the past few weeks flights from the U.S. and Canada to Cancún International Airport have doubled.

Ultimately, people who like to travel will still want to. The Riviera Maya is still one of the world’s top tourist destinations. But in the “new normal” many more people will have the option of going there for longer periods.

As the remote working trend accelerates, I expect a growth in slow travel. And this is very nice for us…

Owning in destinations like Tulum primes us to profit enormously from the new world that will emerge from this crisis. But our window to “make our money buying” won’t last forever.

That’s why I’m opening the doors to a special online event that will show you how to use this moment to buy great income-earning real estate at as much as 50% off…

This is a once-in-a-lifetime chance to boost your wealth, protect yourself from economic shock, and retire rich.

The event is called Project Prosper LIVE, and I’ll be joined by my extended global network of real estate insiders with boots on the ground and local knowledge of the best places in the world to buy real estate right now.

We’ll share proven investment strategies to actual bargain properties you can buy right now…

And you’ll also get a sneak peek at an incredible deal I’m putting together on the Riviera Maya. It’s in the perfect sweet spot to profit from the “new normal”…and it comes with a killer discount.

This is going to be big.

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