“This Retirement Haven Keeps Getting Better and Better”‏

“From curried kale chips to soy milk…every time I say, ‘I wish we could get that here,’ the person I’m talking to tells me we can and where I can go to pick it up…or I stumble on the item myself at the store two weeks later,” said Jessica Ramesch this morning to a packed house of 800 International Living readers. “Panama just keeps getting better and better.”

I’m Jennifer Stevens, IL’s Executive Editor, back again today as your live-from-the-scene reporter in Las Vegas at this year’s Fast Track Your Retirement Overseas Conference. We’re all gathered here to get the “inside scoop” on the world’s best retirement havens from the world’s top experts.

If you like the idea of a destination where you have a wealth of options, you’d love Panama. As Jessica explained, you can find almost any lifestyle you’re after.

  • In the vibrant capital city, you can enjoy all the benefits of cosmopolitan living: great restaurants, opera, concerts, great green spaces, museums, golf courses, art galleries, and night life.
  • There’s a new subway going in, which will make getting around easier. And here you can rent an apartment for $750 a month or buy a U.S.-style home or condo for $175,000 (or less).
  • If a slower-paced, cooler-weather life is what appeals to you, then you might like a place up in the hills, like Boquete or Volcan. Or in another little town Jessica recommended—where there’s a small, tight-knit expat community—you can live very comfortably for as little as $1,000 a month, rent included.
  • Or maybe it’s beach living you’re interested in—a place you could surf or sail, snorkel or fish. If so, there’s something for you, too. As Jessica explained, on the “Arco Seco,” or “Dry Arch” (so-called because of its great weather), you can be at the beach…but still be just an hour outside Panama City. In Coronado, for instance, where there’s a vibrant town and lots of expats, you can rent for $600-$700 a month, Or, if you want to be right on the beach, snag an ocean-view condo from $1,200 a month.
  • Of course, there’s even better value to be had. Just 10 minutes away—along the same stretch of sand and surf—you can spend 25% to 30% less in another town Jessica talked about.

The benefits of a life in Panama don’t stop at affordable property, though. As Jessica explained, “No matter where you are in Panama, you’re generally close to a city and major hospitals.” Panama is home to the region’s most technologically advanced medical facility in the Johns Hopkins-affiliated Punta Pacific Hospital.

And then there’s the pensionado program, which allows qualifying retirees to arrange an attractive visa that comes with all kinds of perks and discounts, including savings on medical care, travel, dinner out, and lots more.

To be honest, Jessica’s presentation alone is worth the price of admission. And you can get your hands on it—and 52 more sessions, too—as part of the 2013 Fast-Track Your Retirement Overseas Package. (As I said yesterday, it’s on offer right now at a huge discount, here.)

Of course, Jessica just got us started. We heard from experts on Ecuador, Mexico, Costa Rica, Uruguay, and Southeast Asia today, too. And they enticed us to consider an incredible array of options overseas.

More than once, I heard seat-mates lean over and say things like, “I thought I was set on Costa Rica…but now I’m intrigued by this other place.” Or, “I was all gung ho on Belize… I wasn’t even going to come to this other session. But now this place is at the top of my list.”

Our speakers opened people’s eyes, no question… They told us about:

  • One of the prettiest, liveliest cities in South America. Here a sea of red tile roofs pops against the blue sky. Tidy balconies cling to colorful facades. Known for its architecture, vibrant markets, and lively festivals, this Ecuadorian treasure is home to a highly educated population.

But the best part about this walkable city is that you can own very affordably. An exquisitely outfitted, one-bedroom apartment with a spacious covered balcony—just one block from the main square—recently sold for $108,500. You can rent a beautifully restored two-bedroom home with a large garden, right in the historic center for $1,000 a month or a small apartment for less than half that.

  • A beach surrounded by groves of palms…a long arc of sand where the swimming is good and you can surf and kayak…in a town that is active and established, but also comfortably laid-back. Here you can own a very nice two-bedroom condo right in town for just $77,000.
  • How to get a million-dollar address for less than $150,000…in Latin America’s most fashionable beach resort. This vibrant coastal city in Uruguay has long been a retreat of the stars, who come from North America and Europe to enjoy a bit of summer in January. In the 1950s and ’60s, Frank Sinatra, Yul Brynner, Ingmar Bergman, and Brigitte Bardot were among those who enjoyed the sand and sun. These days the vacationers include actors and entertainers like Bruce Willis and Mick Jagger. But you don’t have to be rich and famous to live well here.
  • Secret gems in Europe. Like a coastal retreat in Spain where the starting price for small bungalows is around $86,500 (and you could rent a two-bedroom place for $590)…or a cozy village in Provence, France, where a small two-story stone house, a maison de village, with pale blue wooden shutters is currently on the market for $120,500. It’s entirely renovated, so you could move straight in.
  • An escape in the Far East where the weather is warm year-round…where there’s lots to do…where you can get just about everything you’re used to at home, from Starbucks to movies in English…and where you can live truly lavishly for next-to-nothing. Rent a chic apartment with an ocean view—I’m talking high style here—for less than $1,000…

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Much to Gain… But Keep Your Eyes Open

We also heard today from two of the world’s foremost authorities on real estate. And no…nobody was trying to sell anything. Ronan McMahon and Margaret Summerfield talked about how to sniff out the best deals around the world. Ronan likes to stay ahead of the crowds, and he has strict criteria he uses to analyze any potential deal. He told us all about those criteria today.

And Tuey Murdock talked about how to put safety measures in place to make sure you’re buying legally and don’t run into any pitfalls overseas…

The readers here with us found out:

  • How to buy property…the questions you’ll want to be sure to ask…the resources you have at your disposal…the safeguards you’ll want to put in place…and more, including the differences between Common Law (what we’re used to in the States and Canada) and Civil Law (what you’ll find in most Latin American countries)—and what you need to watch out for.
  • Why—and how—to guarantee your purchase is safe and secure. Find out where to get property insurance…how to know if it’s a good deal…and what specifics you’ll want in your policy…
  • How to think—and act—like a global property investor. The profit cues…the indicators to watch for…the warning signs that should spell caution…

Money: Living Large on Surprisingly Little Overseas

Maybe it’s because anytime you leave the conference area of the hotel, you’re surrounded by money-gulping slot machines…but money does seem to be on people’s minds today.

Every speaker—from Suzan Haskins, who focused on Ecuador…to Glynna Prentice on Mexico…Jason Holland on Costa Rica…Tuey Murdock on Nicaragua…and Keith Hockton on Southeast Asia—all talked about the low cost of living in their respective bases. And they supported their claims with facts…with the nuts and bolts to back them up.

(Did you know that in Penang, for example, you can live in a high-rise that looks and feels like high-end Miami…but pay less in rent than you would in Boise, Idaho? Here you can live comfortably on less than $1,800 a month…yet have access to health care so good—and affordable—it attracts over a million medical tourists a year. )

And we broadened our focus beyond “places” today, too, in talking about ways you could make money instead of spend it.

Matthew Apodaca, a tax and wealth advisor, took the stage to talk about seven wallet-breaking tax mistakes expats make—and how you can avoid them. Tomorrow we’ll hear about how precious metals defy the Fed and how you can use them to insure your retirement. Plus we’ll get practical investment ideas that can help protect your portfolio in the face of a weakening dollar and allow you to grow your nest egg, no matter what the U.S. economy does.

This is insider intelligence you just can’t get anyplace else. And those of you who couldn’t be with us in Las Vegas can still get your hands on everything that was shared here, at a deep discount right now.

All told, the expats, experts, editors and special guests speaking here are giving 53 different presentations—some to the full house and some in smaller break-out sessions so people can easily ask questions. And we’re recording all of it.

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