Thousands of Jobs That Pay You in Ecuador, Panama, Paris…

There is a tidal wave of opportunity coming your way…

Opportunity that could pave the way quickly for your live-abroad move. In fact, whether you want to live in Cuenca, Panama City or Paris, that move could now be financially more comfortable…and you could make it with greater mental satisfaction than you might otherwise expect.

But you might miss out unless you clearly understand what is happening and how to capitalize on it.

The world of work as we knew it is changing profoundly—and that means there are more opportunities than ever before for Baby Boomers like us to earn a full- or part-time income while we live anywhere in the world.

A recent report from Intuit (the company that makes Quicken) estimates that by 2020 more than 40% of all “jobs” in the U.S. economy will be “freelance.”

Right now most employers on the planet are scratching their head trying to figure out how to have fewer employees while maintaining or growing their business. Their survival depends on it.

And they are not just hiring technical workers—but proofreaders, customer service reps, editors, lawyers, medical professionals, business owners, writers, administrative assistants…and literally thousands of other occupations and skills that you would recognize as not technical.

Some of Your Fellow Boomers Have Switched Already

One large project network that is a clearing house for freelance assignments reports that more than 290,000 of their members are Baby Boomers. And that number has doubled over the last 18 months.

Once you firmly grasp that concept, you can position your “income surfboard” right in the sweet spot of this wave.

But you don’t hear too much about this. And I’ll bet most of your friends, relatives and neighbors aren’t tuned in yet to the freelance economy… But while they have been complaining about the sorry job market, bad economy and tough times ahead…a growing army of savvy Baby Boomers is enthusiastically embracing this new way to work on their own terms.

Because, in addition to providing you with a paycheck, it gives you control over your schedule, what part of the world you live in, the kind of work you want to do and most importantly the power to fire a boss you don’t like.

For a long time, the thought that a “non-techie” could live overseas and work online was pretty much a fantasy. But today, things have changed dramatically.

The demand for people with non-technical skills who are willing to work online is soaring.

What companies worldwide are really looking for are people with good verbal, listening, thinking and conversational skills. In other words, regular folks like you.

So what kinds of skills are needed? Many companies want people who can work online doing jobs that require just basic computer skills like sending emails and filling in forms (think shopping on Amazon). These opportunities to get paid to do basic online tasks are everywhere when you know where to look.

For example, if you can use a simple word processor like Microsoft Word, have decent spelling and grammar, and can simply check websites for spelling mistakes and other basic errors or read through articles for typos, you’ll be in demand.

You could also go one further and try writing for yourself. Many companies are going online in search of people who can write everything from short articles for magazines and websites to in-depth studies or even entire books. Demand in this area is exploding.

And if you’re a good writer, the small manufacturing company in Minneapolis doesn’t care that you’re writing the content for their website from the shores of a tranquil beach in Ecuador…as long as you do good work and meet their schedule.

But what if you don’t like working with words? No problem—there are thousands of other small online jobs that come up every day.

These often fall into categories like customer service. Not too long ago customer service usually meant you were working in a cubicle in an office building somewhere. But with today’s technology, calls and emails can reach you anywhere in the world. If you’re reliable, companies are happy to employ you as a freelancer no matter where you are as long as you can communicate.

Today, thanks to systems like Skype, you can talk to anyone in the world for free or pennies per minute. Many companies are keen to exploit these lower costs…and they need people willing to plug in and work remotely to help them do so.

So here’s what you need to remember—anyone can work online. This isn’t just for “techies”.

Yes, you’ll be using a laptop and a phone but that’s it. It’s your ability to communicate, listen and solve problems that will see pay checks coming your way.

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