Three Bargain Beach Real Estate Deals

It’s scarce. It’s in high demand. And they’re not making any more of it.

Beach property is very desirable. Buyers will pay a premium to live on, or close to, a beach.

My beat is undervalued real estate. I look for locations where your real estate dollar stretches further…and where you can look forward to capital appreciation.

And I know that readers love beach property. That’s why I spend most of my time weighing up beach deals. Only a small percentage of those I check out makes the cut.

The following three locations are where you can easily afford to buy a home—just steps from the beach.

Beach Property #1: This Pacific coastline looks a little like Malibu…crossed with a twist of Tuscany. It’s stunning. Rocky cliffs rise sharply from long, sandy beaches. The hills and forests will remind you of the rolling Tuscan landscape. But the tree canopy hides exotic birds, butterflies and monkeys. And in an elite beach community on this coast, you can buy a third-acre lot, a few minutes’ walk from the clubhouse, restaurant and beach, for $65,000 (and that’s open to offers).

Beach Property #2: It’s on Brazil’s northeast coast, in a cool little beach town that’s a hidden gem. A favorite with locals and foreign kite-surfers, this beach town is set to boom. A new five-star resort opened this year, and more resort and residential development is on the way. But you can still buy a lot in a beach front community…steps from a gorgeous white-sand beach, dotted with coconut palms…for only 85,000 reais ($47,500).

Beach Property #3 is on a coast that was difficult to get to. But new roads and a new bridge have opened it up for tourists and property buyers. It’s pretty here, with long stretches of sandy beach, and forest-covered hills. It’s also very affordable. In this beach front community, you can buy a brand-new 1,800-square-foot house for $120,000.

Editor’s Note: Margaret Summerfield is a director of Pathfinder and is an expert on beach property. In her role with Pathfinder (IL’s preferred real estate advertiser), she visits lots of beaches all over Latin America and writes about some of the cheapest ones in her free e-letter. You can get a free report with full details of all three locations when you sign up for her property e-letter (also free) here.