Three Countries, One Amazing Portable Income

I lost my job due to the recession. I worked for a bank, and when they decided to “right size” the organization, my job was eliminated.

Fortunately my husband, Ron, and I had been researching ways to work from home so we could one day realize our dream of traveling the world. I had familiarized myself with my freelance options and we had already taken an exploratory trip to Ecuador.

When my husband’s job was also threatened, we decided it was the “now or never” time to make the leap to living abroad. We sold our home and the bulk of our belongings and put the few things we couldn’t part with into a small storage unit.

Then, we flew to the capital of Ecuador, Quito, with six suitcases.

I created a profile on a freelancing website and started bidding on jobs. I bid low on a job I knew I could ace. I was ecstatic when I won my first job doing data entry for $8 an hour! I received a five-star rating on that first job. It gave me credibility with prospective clients and made it much easier for me to win the next bid.

It took around six months for me to build enough business to make $1,000 to $2,000 per month writing web content and sales copy. After that, I said goodbye to 50-hour work weeks and hello to free time to explore and travel.

The more time I spent bidding and winning jobs, the more income I earned.

We lived in three different countries over the next 18 months. All of the homes we rented were fully furnished to U.S. standards. They were clean, comfortable, and we enjoyed each one for different reasons.

Like the fully furnished one-bedroom luxury condo right on the beach in Manta, Ecuador for $700 per month (utilities not included). We lived there for three months. We loved it, but we decided it wasn’t where we wanted to be in the long term. So we packed our suitcases and moved to Costa Rica.

Next, we spent 10 months living in a two-bedroom, two-bathroom house ($700 per month, utilities included) outside of Nuevo Arenal, Costa Rica. We had a gorgeous view of the lake and enjoyed the abundant nature and friendly community in Costa Rica and we would definitely go back.

We then moved to Baja California, Mexico, and rented a fully furnished house in a high-end golf community for $1,000 per month (utilities not included). We had a pool and tennis court less than a block away.

We moved back to the U.S. about a year ago for personal reasons, but I’m still working from home and earning my living online…while we plan our next journey.

My last job involved managing social media marketing accounts for a client. I’m building my own virtual social media marketing company that we can take with us as we travel the globe.

Europe, here we come!

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