Three Lake View Properties in Costa Rica That Won’t Stay Cheap for Long…

Today I’m going to tell you about one of my favorite places. It has some of the best real estate values right now. And I love spending time there.

Back home, winter is gnashing its teeth. But in this place, it’s warm. Bright sunshine reflects on a mirror-flat lake. The lake’s dark green, tree-lined shore rises steeply to the cone of a towering volcano. It’s truly awesome.

Some folks compare this lake country to Switzerland. (Others say Italy’s majestic Alpine lake districts.)

This is truly a hidden destination. A special secret known to those who call it home for some or all the year. (And to regular visitors like me.)

I’m not talking about some far-off back water. Lake Arenal is tucked away in the world’s most bio-diverse country: Costa Rica. It’s close to the U.S. (a two-and-a-half hour flight). The malls, banks, hospitals and airports in San Jose are an easy drive. As is Liberia’s international airport. Costa Rica is safe and stable, with the region’s most developed infrastructure and amenities.

Real estate can set you back top dollar in Costa Rica. Though not here.

On the shores of Lake Arenal, the real estate values are amazing.

Like this: A 4,000-square-foot home, perched above the lake, in a private gated community. For $200,000. That’s $50 per square foot.

Or this: A luxury home on 65 developable acres. Also perched above the lake with jaw-dropping views. For $600,000. (The kicker with this one is that you could sell some of your land off as individual lots…and lots in the area, with views like this, sell for over $100,000.)

Or this: Lake view lots are becoming scarce. But right now, you could buy a lot in a gated community with a $2,500 down payment and monthly interest-free payments of $188.

Here you can hike, ride horses, watch birds, swim, fish, boat…or just hang out with friends over a rich dark roast or sunset cocktail.

I don’t know why this place hasn’t been “discovered”. Sometimes a place like this can stay overlooked…for a while. Then everyone wonders how they could have missed it.

When that happens, good luck buying anything for $50 per square foot. I don’t know where you live, but I couldn’t build a garden shed in my hometown for that price.

Arenal is stunning. The opportunities I mentioned today are something I’ll be telling members of Real Estate Trend Alert about in detail. You can find out more about Real Estate Trend Alert here.