Three Secure and Private Hideaways Overseas

Castles. The word conjures up images of fairytale towers, knights on horseback storming drawbridges, and pretty princesses waiting for rescue in stone turrets. Castles hark back to a bygone age of chivalry, war and romance. They don’t seem part of the modern world.

But the academic definition of a castle is a “private fortified residence”. And that’s something more of us are looking for these days. A home that’s a secluded retreat…where you can escape from the madding crowds…a safe haven in times of uncertainty.

It’s getting harder to find hidden bolt holes these days. We live in a world of low-cost air travel and high-speed highways. We thirst for exotic locations and getting off the beaten track. The Internet brings even the most far-fetched destinations into your living room.

That places a premium on privacy, exclusivity and seclusion. Locations that offer those…without sacrificing on comfort… are harder to find.

I recently looked at three locations where you can live in the spirit of a 21st-century castle…in a stunning setting…in the company of a small group of discerning like-minded individuals.

Location #1 is easy to get to. It’s close to world-class beaches, chic nightlife, golf, spas and yoga retreats. Huge five-acre lots give you the privacy that you crave…in a setting that feels like a hidden forest reserve.

Location #2 boasts stunning scenery…rolling hills, soft sand beaches, crashing waves, and spectacular sunsets. You can swim, surf, play tennis or basketball, horse ride through the trails that run across thousands of acres…or relax at the spa, beside the pool, or over dinner and drinks in the restaurant.

Location #3 is a secret corner at the foothills of the Andes with a golf course and vineyard on your doorstep…and the most amazing landscape of mountains, bluffs, dunes, mesas and plateaus as a backdrop.

Best of all, you won’t have to pay a king’s ransom to join these elite communities.

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