Three Simple Freelancing Ideas for Your Portable Income

A lot of Baby Boomers think that working over the internet means you have to be a technology wiz. Thankfully, this is no longer the case. There are literally hundreds of thousands of non-technical mini-jobs and work assignments posted on the internet every day. And these can be a great way to create your own portable income.

Your best freelancing work comes directly out of skill-sets you already have. To understand what these skills are you need to think less in terms of your occupation and more in terms of the experience, knowledge, and wisdom you have accrued throughout your life.

Rather than focusing exclusively on your career, you should also look to your life skills; volunteer activities you may have done, hobbies you’ve invested time in, and the accumulation of experience you’ve had though decades of living.

I’d like to show you a few examples of the kind of work that is available to you right now, which only require skills that you already have. These are nice, bite-sized jobs that can be done quickly and allow good play-time once complete.

Catalog Descriptions

I once interviewed a former waitress who found work online writing catalog descriptions. What I like about her story is that she didn’t have a lot of training as a writer, but she wanted to work online, so she looked for a niche and found it.

There are a huge amount of companies who are now putting their products and services online. The problem is, their traditional product descriptions are too long-winded for the internet market, which requires a short and snappy 35 to 50 word description.

One of the hardest things for those companies to do is boil down their lengthy descriptions into succinct blurbs. She learned that skill and started a business online providing exactly that service. No “War and Peace”…just simple descriptions.

Online Research

This is a fast-growing area. And it’s probably not the kind of research you’re thinking about. You won’t be required to wear a lab coat and you won’t have to discover a new theory of relativity. It’s more likely you’ll be asked something like, “Find me five advantages of regular carpet cleaning for retail businesses for my carpet cleaning website.”

And there is this amazing research tool you can use to dig this kind of stuff up. Not many people have heard of it and I’m reluctant to give this information out in such a public way…but here it goes…it’s called

However, if you try to do research the way most people use Google it would probably take you hours to find what you are looking for. With about two to four hours of training on the little known, but very powerful, capabilities of Google, you could learn to do research that really pays. What would take the casual Google user hours to dig up, those with this training can find in minutes.


Don’t you just hate “tpyos”?

Today the internet is littered with them. And it’s not just small websites. The big guys…The New York Times…CNN…NBC…and many more are producing information at such a blistering rate that typos can sneak in anywhere. This trend is likely to only continue, as the demand for getting valuable information published quickly outweighs the time it takes to get it right.

Using a system I teach, I was able to check just how many proofreading jobs there are available today alone. As of the time of writing, there are 3,458 job listings calling out for sharp-eyed proofreaders to get their buyers out of typo misery.

If you have an eagle-eye for typos, you may have the makings of an online career in proofreading.

There are many more specialized, and longer-term jobs and assignments available, but I find that the people who start small, get oriented to this new way of earning, and learn how to tap into their own skill-set, have a much better chance of building a good portable income.

Once you know your way around your new virtual town you can tackle bigger, meatier assignments, turning your dream of living abroad into reality.

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