Three Top Beach Towns: Which is Best?

What’s your idea of a perfect beach town?

Is it fun and lively, with great shopping and a buzzing nightlife…chic and refined, with a glamorous feel…or pristine and rustic, heavy on the coconut palms and little beachside bars?

We’ve uncovered one location where on a short stretch of coast you can sample all three…and decide which is your favorite.

Our first beach town started from a scrubby coconut plantation with a single caretaker. But today the only coconut palms in sight dot the carefully manicured grounds of upscale resorts that line the white-sand beach.

Luxury homes cluster around a marina where multi-million dollar boats rock gently on the water. Golf courses…opulent spas…gleaming shopping malls…ritzy restaurants and exclusive nightclubs…this beach town has come a long way from its coconut plantation past.

But that development carries a price tag. This beach town has no local charm. It feels international, in a bland-vanilla way. All those hotels, resorts and expensive residential communities pushed property prices skyward, beyond the reach of most. And crowds of screaming spring breakers don’t make it the most tranquil place to spend time.

But our second beach town offers a quieter alternative. It’s a notch up, too, offering gourmet food, stylish boutique hotels and hip nightclubs. Set around a wide, powder beach, it’s a walkable town, laid out in a grid. It’s a fun place to explore…sipping an espresso, browsing the craft stores, or diving the coral reef offshore.

It’s got most of the conveniences of its larger beach town brother up the coast…but it’s more laid-back, more friendly, and much more chic.

Now property prices have soared in this beach town, too, in recent years.

What about our third beach town? Well, it’s definitely much more affordable on the real estate side. It’s also less developed.

It’s a “yoga on the beach” kind of destination. Think fresh fruit smoothies and spa treatments. And it has some of the best beaches in the entire region. If you’re looking for silky-soft white sand and turquoise sea…without high rise condos or mega-resorts…you’ll find it here.

In next week’s Pathfinder Alert (my free e-letter), we’ll reveal the location of these three beach towns… why you should snap up the best property opportunity on this stretch of coast (it comes with developer financing and upside potential)…and how to check this place out for yourself from only $180.

Editor’s Note: Margaret Summerfield is an expert on beaches. In her role with Pathfinder (IL’s preferred real estate advertiser), she visits lots of them. She looks for beaches that she judges to be the prettiest, friendliest, and most relaxing. Subscribe to Pathfinder’s free e-letter here to find out more.


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