Three Ways to Earn Money with Travel Videos

I found a way of traveling to the most amazing places in the world…going on safari in Africa…floating over Australian vineyards in a hot-air balloon…mingling with the rich and glamorous in Europe.

I’ve been doing this now for four years…and all along the way I was making money.

If you fancy doing the same, how about creating travel videos?

Now you are probably thinking: “I don’t know the first thing about creating videos…and anyways who is going to pay me for travel videos?”

First of all, creating travel videos is not as hard as you may imagine. You can easily learn how…and if you have a camera, chances are you have a video mode on it, so you already have the equipment.

Secondly, there is a huge demand for video content. Tourism companies know that videos increase consumer confidence, which means that people are more likely to make a booking after having seen a video.

Videos also help companies to get onto that coveted first page of Google search results. So videos increase the number of inquiries and the number of bookings, which is why companies are willing to pay for high-quality travel videos.

So how would you go about making money with travel videos? Here are three of the most lucrative ways:

1. Make videos for hotels or restaurants

If you live in an area that is popular with tourists then you will have plenty of potential clients to choose from. Every hotel or restaurant in your area will need to differentiate itself from the competition and a video will help them do that. All you have to do is contact hotels and restaurants in your area and sell them the benefits of using a video on their website. You then create a video specifically for them, which will give their potential clients a much better impression of their rooms, facilities, service, entertainment, and food. You could be busy for years as a video producer specializing in hospitality service providers.

2. Make videos for tour companies

If you live overseas, then chances are you have chosen a beautiful location that is also a very attractive vacation spot. Tour companies will be offering packages to where you now live. A tour package is impossible to test before making a booking…so a video will greatly improve the chances of people making a booking. You can create promotional videos simply by participating in the tours offered in your area and capturing the experience on video. There is nothing stopping you from contacting tour companies in other countries as well.

3. Create stock footage

Perhaps you like to be more independent and explore your area on your own rather than in a group. Then this strategy will suit you best because you can go out and film in your own time. Choose your best footage and upload it to stock agencies like Shutterstock, iStock or directly to Getty Images. Most of the demand for stock footage is for famous sites of historical or natural value. So if you can find that in your area, you are in business. Authentic shots of locals and even tourists engaging in activities that are representative of your region will be very lucrative on stock footage sites.

If you have chosen a beautiful location as your new home, you can take advantage of its beauty and popularity by earning money with promotional travel videos.

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