Top Secret “Beach City” Deal is Almost Over

I’ve been telling you this week about an opportunity to buy a three-bedroom condo in a vibrant city in Brazil at special Real Estate Trend Alert member-only pricing…with financing.

“RETA” members can also buy with a down payment of just $19,300. The developer finances the rest. Prices will rise when the project is launched to connected locals in the very near future.

The economy of Brazil is strong. It has great potential for further growth because of its almost limitless natural resources.

My boots-on-the-ground research lead me to an anomaly in real estate prices on a narrow stretch of downtown beach in a part of Brazil that’s doing particularly well. Prices here are as little as half of what you could pay in the adjoining beach neighborhood. This price distortion is a temporary situation.

Downtown’s centerpiece is a three-mile stretch of beachfront. This is where the rich and connected live. The finest hotels are. The curve of beach and sparkling skyline is packed tight. There’s no space left to build.

To the west there was a mile of beach in the historic area that was crying out gentrification. That has now happened. Prices stayed low here pre-gentrification because no-one really wanted to spend time here. That’s changed. The area is teeming with roller bladers and walkers of all ages late into the night.

Connected locals will be invited within the next two weeks to a launch party for a new condo building here. Members of my Real Estate Trend Alert can get in now…at pre-release pricing…before the connected locals. Until launch this is a RETA “off market” deal.

In this video I explain how these deals work and how you can get my full report on this opportunity.

But this is just one deal. There are dozens of “off market” deals members of Real Estate Trend Alert could have got in on over the past year. And there are more to come.

The deals must be strong. And, the project best in class. But I don’t just offer strong deals in any place. I look for somewhere something is happening, or set to happen, that will likely increase values. Like new roads, airports or a booming local economy. Like the type of situation we see in this pocket of Brazil.

Or a 100-mile stretch of Pacific coastline of dramatic lush green jungle-clad hills and sandy beaches. Before a new highway opened, the drive from the capital could have cost you eight hours and the suspension of your truck. Now you travel direct and smoothly. You arrive at the coast in comfort three-and-a-half hours later. Pioneers and adventurers are starting to pay attention.

This is a special place. At a “best in class” project where members of Real Estate Trend alert can get in on another “off market” deal.

Take a trial membership of my Real Estate Trend Alert service  and you can immediately access my report on this opportunity to buy a lot overlooking this stretch of Pacific with a manageable down payment and $416 per month.

Here’s another discovery: A mirror flat lake whose dark green, tree-lined shore rises steeply to the cone of a towering volcano. This place is hidden, secret…yet you have safe and stable Costa Rican amenities and attractions on your doorstep. And the world’s most bio diverse country all around.

Perched above the lakeshore, members of Real Estate Trend Alert can buy a lake-view lot with $1,900 down and monthly payments of $143.

My report on this opportunity is only available to members of Real Estate Trend Alert.

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