Top Secret Property Deal in “Beach City”

Famous for endless miles of white-sand beach, turquoise lagoons populated with bright orange and yellow fish, and buzzing in-city beaches like the coca cabana…Brazil was known as “the country of the future”.

For many decades, in fact, we looked on in envy of her beaches, beautiful people and staggering potential to be one of the world’s richest places.

Today Brazil is a global power broker…the world’s sixth biggest economy…host country for the 2014 soccer world cup and 2016 Olympic Games…the world’s biggest food exporter…a world leader in renewable energy, while also awash with oil…and a strong manufacturer of planes, trains and automobiles.

If you are a savvy follower of global trends, this won’t be news to you. You’ll have watched Wall Street’s interest ebb and flow with hot money.

What I think will surprise you is something that my boots-on-the-ground research has uncovered.

Real estate prices in places like Rio and Sao Paulo are high. Think “Manhattan.”

But there’s a one-mile stretch of in-city beach in a major regional capital…a place I think of as “Beach City”…where prices stayed low (this city is on an even steeper upward trajectory than the rest of Brazil). There was a reason prices were low. That reason is gone. Today this price differential is a temporary anomaly—that market forces are set to eliminate in the coming months.

But right now this one-mile stretch is deeply undervalued.

I’ll share exact details tomorrow, but the reason is simple: If you can supply what’s in demand…you’ll do well.

Real estate prices here are half what they are minutes away. As I said, there was a reason for that price difference. That reason is gone. (I’ll explain why tomorrow.)

But you’ll have to move fast. In a matter of weeks, connected locals will gather behind closed doors for a special function to launch a new condo building.

Members of my Real Estate Trend Alert can get in now—at special prices before they go up at launch. Until launch this is a RETA “off market” deal. In this video I explain how these off-market deals work and how you can get in on this opportunity before it’s released to connected locals.

Editors note: Ronan McMahon is a director of Pathfinder, IL’s preferred real estate advertising partner.


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