Transplant Your Talent — It’s Easier Than You Think

When Joan Jontilano arrived to one of my seminars a few years ago, she was a young woman with a big smile, a complex work history, and an enormous amount of wanderlust. She had tried conventional employment working in IT and retail, among other things, but showing up at the same place at the same time every day was not working for her.

Fast forward to 2014, and Joan now has a Facebook page that chronicles her travels around the world. One of her latest posts proclaimed, “I’ve visited five continents. Only two more to go.” Joan’s trademark smile now appears on photographs from Buenos Aires, Bilbao, Reykjavik, Antarctica, London, and her native Philippines.

How did Joan go from stuck to soaring?

She began by taking a personal asset and turning it into a freelance offering. On an extended visit to her parents in the Philippines, she spent time teaching English at a local college.

That’s not the only portable profit center in her career portfolio, however.

Joan, a longtime fitness enthusiast, became a certified Zumba instructor. This popular fitness program which combines dance and aerobics has attracted students from around the world.

It also became Joan’s ticket to unlimited travel. She currently leads Zumba classes on board a large cruise line. When the ship is in port, Joan joins the passengers in exploring new places.

Many of the most agile entrepreneurial expats are doing what Joan has done. They are finding ways to transplant the skills and interests they’ve been cultivating all along in fresh soil.

You’ll find more examples of folks who have done just that in Incomes Abroad. Their stories may inspire you to discover that you already possess experience that’s perfectly suited to transplanting.

It’s not unusual for someone dreaming of making a change to get stumped on some of the logistics. “My husband and I know we’re ready for a move, but we’re still puzzled by how we’ll support ourselves,” a woman told me.

We talked a bit more and I said, “Making a living in a new location may not be as mysterious as it seems.” I went on to question her about things she and her partner loved doing and she started to relax.

Challenge yourself to see possibilities. Consider ways to transplant your skills and services in new locales. If you faithfully did this for the next 90 days, you’d have more ideas than you could use in a year.

Imagine where that could lead.

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