Travel More, Work Less – Here’s How

I guess you could call me a maverick English teacher.

You see, for the last 10 years I’ve traveled and lived in many exotic destinations around the world, including Colombia, Peru, Ecuador, Bolivia, the Czech Republic, France and Spain.

All this was achieved just by using the power of my words. You might be wondering what I’m talking about. How can it be possible to just use the power of your words to travel the world?

Well, I’m an expert in English…and so are you. I grew up in an English-speaking country. I went to school speaking English. And now I’ve rebelled against the 9-5 to see the world… and get paid while doing it.

I’m not proclaiming that I know everything about the English language. I don’t even have an English degree. And if you fit the above criteria, you can step off an airplane in the majority of countries around the world and people will pay you just to speak in your own language.

Picture this…there are millions of people around the world who need to learn English. Think big—think China. With such a bustling economy you’d expect that the next big language to burst upon the world stage would be Mandarin… but you’d be wrong. The Chinese want to speak English—and so do the people of India and Brazil.

The language of business is English and everybody wants a piece of the action. In fact, teaching English is now such a vast industry that there simply aren’t enough English teachers out there.

For sure, in China there are Chinese teachers who teach English. In Spain there are Spanish teachers who teach English. But the big demand from any student wanting to get ahead is to get classes with a native English speaker. That means people just like you and me.

And, that’s just where I fit in… and you could too.

I teach English my way, on my terms. I set my schedule, my own work flow, even my job location. I’m not stuck in a stuffy classroom all the time—I mainly teach private classes now. It usually pays better than working in a school or a language academy and I get to be my own boss.

I mostly aim for countries that allow me a three-month stay on a tourist visa. When I arrive, I begin to give out a business card which says “Native English teacher” on it and my e-mail address. I visit universities, schools, shops and hotels and give out about 100 cards.

Within days of arrival, I always manage to procure enough students to at least pay for my stay. Within a month and as my student numbers grow, I begin to make a healthy income.

Here’s how I do it.

I’ve got a good English grammar book to fall back on if I ever get stumped. But my main method of teaching is to just talk—I get paid by the hour to do so. I build my spoken English classes around any subject that suits my students. For instance, if they want to learn to speak in the past tense, I will talk to them about what they did yesterday; where they went; who they met.

I also use role-playing exercises to help my students learn. If they want to learn about vocabulary for their job in a hotel, for example, I pretend that I’m a paying customer who wants a room. Then I go through every scenario I can think of in order to make them fluent in “Hotel English.”

That’s all there is to it—it really is that simple. You get organized and self-motivated… then you get paid while seeing the world. That’s what being a maverick English teacher is all about.

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