Travel With Your Camera For This Easy Extra Income

I’ve spent my life living overseas, teaching in international schools, and now that I’m retired, I want to travel even farther. I just need a little extra income to do it…and now I’ve found it.

As I neared retirement age, I realized that I would have to find a way of making some extra money if I wanted to continue traveling and maintain my lifestyle.

My pension, although adequate for a sedentary life, wasn’t going to allow me much freedom. So I began looking for ways where I could earn a little extra money here or there, as I continued to travel. That research paid off when I discovered that I could take travel videos with my regular camera and sell them.

I’ve always been the family photographer, albeit with a little point-and-shoot camera, and I began selling photos to stock sites. Then I discovered I could increase my earnings by uploading video clips to the same sites.

But there’s a whole market out there for making travel videos.

I’m living in Istanbul at the moment. This is an amazing city, and there is so much to do here. I love going to different districts. Istanbul has diverse and captivating neighborhoods. It’s a place of unforgettable views with an incredible mix of old and new.

I began filming visitors’ experiences in Istanbul, as a fun memento for them. I team up with a tour guide, and I video a tourist’s day out in Istanbul. Everyone can take a video of their vacation, but I am able to put a series of clips together, and add suitable music and credits to make a more professional product.

I’ve started out charging $100 per minute of finished video for a day in Istanbul but, as I progress with this, I can see how I can easily charge more.

Last year I traveled to Italy three times, namely to Reno, by Lake Maggiore. It was there that I made a video of a local restaurant. I got paid $224 for my restaurant video…and I also took a trip into the mountains, and a boat ride around the lake.

I have also discovered, I can upload video clips to the same stock sites. This is even more fun, and I can earn even more money. Video clips can be anything from five to 30 seconds and with just 100 of these short videos uploaded, you can earn around $100 per month.

There is a whole market out there for making travel videos.

My retirement now involves taking photos and videos as I travel around the world. Some I will upload to stock websites and wait for them to sell, and others—like the restaurant video or the day-trip videos—will be for direct payment.

Who would have imagined that retirement could be this much fun?

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