Traveling South America $5-$10 at a Time

My wife and I moved to Ecuador in 2006 to enjoy the more laid-back atmosphere and travel extensively. The problem was that our taste for lazing around on sandy beaches and spending money in out-of-the-way Quechua village markets was starting to eat into our retirement funds.

We needed to develop a new income…one that wouldn’t cut into our relaxed evenings watching gurgling mountain streams from our resort deck.

Microgigs were the answer.

Microgigs are short, often quirky tasks you’re willing to do for between $5 and $35. And because of their nature, they’re often quick to complete.

Singing, painting, voice impressions, graphic art, whistling, creating custom Valentines…you name it, are all popular microgigs. I’ve even provided random horoscope numbers for people who want to play the lotto. And microgigs can be done from just about anywhere.

I’ve done these gigs while on a sandy beach in Montañita…waiting for a city tour in Cartegena…and lounging over coffee in Quito…not to mention a long list of airport terminals and bus stations throughout Central and South America.

My most popular gigs are writing-related. I will write a paragraph of product description…a Twitter or Facebook message for marketers…or edit a page of copy.

One of my favorites is an offer I have to send a tweet to my 9,000 followers. How long does it take to send a tweet? A few seconds, but I can get paid $5 to do it. All over the magic of the modern Internet.

Just recently, I was on a short layover at Tocumen International in Panama City. With 30 minutes before boarding I grabbed a coffee, then spotted an Internet kiosk so I checked my microgig accounts.

Clients had ordered three microgigs and all were easy enough to complete from the plane!

My wife does microgigs, too, and we now average about $1,100 a month from our little activities. It’s exactly what we wanted in an overseas income.

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