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I was drawn to his eyes. I looked…staring unabashedly. We communed with not a word spoken.

I was on a side trip to Bangkok after attending an AWAI photo expedition in Ubud, Bali, Indonesia. The traffic of the Thai capital is fast and furious. Green and yellow taxis cabs fight for space with tuk tuks; multicolored motorbikes with covered cabs at the back that you need to be agile to enter. They roar around the city, weaving in and out among gridlocked cars and revving their spluttering engines. Hence the term “tuk tuk.”

Tuk tuks cough fumes that you’re probably best not exposing yourself to if you can help it, but they’re fun, and a handy means of travel between must-see points of interest. Some are knock offs and not officially licensed. It’s best to negotiate a price before the ride.

Another thing Bangkok has in abundance is Buddhist temples. Elaborate, ornate and decked out in gold…they come in all shapes and sizes. They house gilded statues of the Buddha; standing, sitting, reclining and lying down.

I was doing a tour of the temples when I came upon one that had a real sense of serenity about it. The air inside was cool, a welcome relief from the heat of the day. Its Buddha, situated on a raised dais, wasn’t great in size but was elegantly adorned.

The keeper of this Buddha sat on the floor of the dais quietly polishing his wallet with a cloth an even brighter hue of orange than his robe. Around him lay his possessions, as if they had been thrown in the air to land wherever. I wondered…what was he doing with a flashlight still in its packaging?

Totally fascinated by this man, I lifted my camera to take his photo. He did not object, neither did he move a muscle or pose for the picture…he just sat there watching me. I wanted to capture forever this entrancing spiritual encounter.

Even if you think a photo is great at the time you take it, you can often be left disappointed when you view it later on a computer. This one, however, exactly captured the moment just how it was. I was delighted with how this image turned out…I even managed to sell it on a stock site—an added bonus. As well as earning money from the photo, it’s also nice to know that someone else saw in it a quality worth sharing.

Editor’s note: Like Maggie, you can live an adventure and turn your photos into cash. Find out how here.


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