Two New Trends That Create Income Opportunities For You

When I speak at International Living conferences, many attendees are surprised by the wide variety of online jobs available for their specific skills set.

In fact, most of them don’t really think they have much to offer in the area of online work because they don’t have training in all the “technical stuff.”

Now, it used to be true that a heavy dose of technology background was required for online work…but things have changed.

Here’s a good double whammy.

Whammy #1—Demand for skills like proofreading, editing, and writing are soaring because so many downsized companies no longer have the fulltime staff that used to handle that sort of thing

Whammy #2—Demand for these skills has increased by leaps and bounds because almost every business has a website today…from your corner restaurant to the local veterinarian (and almost every business in between).

They constantly need new material for their websites. They know that customers and prospects want to see a steady flow of new, useful information or they will quit coming back.

Working with words is an easy way to get started but there are literally thousands of assignments for people who are good on the phone…know how to do customer service…come from the medical field…have an engineering background…have owned their own business…the list is nearly endless.

So how do you connect with these businesses?

There’s a trick to matching your skills with businesses that need your help. In the last decade, services have emerged that work similar to systems like eBay…but for services rather than products. They present more than 300,000 assignments every month to people like you who have a lifetime worth of skills, knowledge, and wisdom.

Therein lies a two-fold problem:

  1. How do you identify which of your skills are in greatest demand?
  2. How you whittle 300,000 assignments every month to the ones that are best for you?

Help is on the way.

In our New Year Income Challenge we are going to make it easier than ever to get set up and begin working online.

We will work with you in our weekly group calls where you’ll hear the fast-track tips for getting started…learn which of your skills are in greatest demand…and discover how to sort through hundreds of thousands of assignments every month to find the ones that are the best fit for you.

And if you were going to get paid for doing online work, would you rather do that from where you are or overlooking a pristine Ecuadorian beach or the stunning mountains and dormant volcanos of Costa Rica.

As soon as you get online…you can get going!

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